Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day to Give Thanks

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already upon us.  Not that I don't enjoy the Holiday Season, but it seems this day of giving thanks has lost it's identity and become known as the kickoff to the Holiday Season.

I recall the conversation around the Thanksgiving table reflecting things we were grateful for when I was a child.  Now dinner seems to focus on how early one is getting up the next morning to be out shopping and where the best sales are.

I don't think Thanksgiving gets its due these days.  Between money and health, things are tough for so many.  We need a positive day like this to remember what we're thankful for, be it large or small.  Some glimmer of positive sight that will keep us moving forward.  For 2009 here's what I'll remember being thankful for:

Thankful for my health and that all of the tests this year came back negative

Thankful to Champ for tolerating my learning how to ride "correctly"

Thankful to my Hubby, for not going over the edge, wrecking my car and leaving me alone on this earth
(Sorry you didn't get an Elk)

Thankful for our wonderful Daughter

Thankful to Cisco and Sunny and their kind hearts

Thankful to Hero Trainer, for helping me find my confidence

Thankful to my pals at Ladies Night, for all the fun we've had and their encouragement

Thankful for Hank, my buddy and The Bestest Dog

Thankful for family, friends and Cabin Creek Cocktail Parties  :)

Thankful for our home

Hoping You Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving


  1. This was a very nice post, and you are right. The Thankfulness in Thanksgiving is all but gone. I think this year, before we dive into all that delicious food, I am going to have everyone tell something they are thankful for!

  2. Very nice. The picture of your home is gorgeous. You are blessed.

  3. You have wonderful things to be thankful for. Wow, that was a close call with the car.

    I can't believe how fast Thanksgiving is approaching. I still need to get to the grocery store!