Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Day With Poco

Today I rode Poco and our daughter, Colleen came with me and took pictures. 

I bought Poco about six weeks ago.  He was supposed to be my "at home horse" to replace Cisco, who I lost to Colic in January.  I had plans for Poco.  My family/friends would ride him while I rode Champ.  I could see us riding out under the sunset.

But four weeks ago we suddenly lost Champ.  Poco is now my main guy.  I call him my "Glass Horse" because he is the only horse I now have to ride.

Poco has yet to surprise me.  He's well behaved, yet I can still see small positive changes in his behavior each time I go through my ground work exercises with him and establish myself as the leader.

Finishing up ground work:

We move to the indoor arena where my friend Haley is riding.  It's also cooler in here:

Hailey and I (Western and Dressage)!

Good Friends.

I tell Poco (Poke) that there's a secret waiting for him in his stall.

And give him a big hug for such a great ride!

Good Boy, Poco!  Ok, let's go get those carrots!!!!