Saturday, October 9, 2010

Riding Time and Fall Weather

With the knowledge now that Poco has Moon Blindness and his right eye is damaged, I'm now on a new horse journey. As saddened as I am about the news of Poco's eyesight, it confirms my philosophy about horses. There is always something new to learn. Although I've hit some pretty big pot holes this year with horses, this news is not the end of Poco and my future together or the end of our rides.

On this particular day I rode Poco in the outdoor arena. I took a lot of time to walk him around all of the jumps and let him smell them before I climbed up on him. I made sure I was in no hurry. My commitment to Poco is that it's more important for Poco to feel comfortable then for me to "just get on and ride".
Poco and I have become close and the walk around the arena to explore the jumps only solidified our relationship.  He seemed to enjoy our time together.  He was curious and deeply smelled each jump I introduced him to.  He'd then turn to look at me as if he was saying, "Ok, I'm ready to move on".  At that point we'd walk to the next jump.  We did this in both directions so he could smell/see them from both sides of his "brain".
While we rode all the horses in the turnout pastures around the arena were brought in for dinner.  Poco's stall is by this arena and although he was aware that 1) there were no other horses around; 2) he was hungry; and 3) dinner was taking place and he wasn't a participant, he was so well behaved!  We rode until I decided it was time to quit.  What a good horse!
One thing I noticed in the pictures I've taken when I'm on Poco's back is that his right ear is always forward (probably because his right eye is damaged and he's listening to what's around him) but his left ear moves back and forth (listening to me). 
The following day was again gorgeous.  My riding pal Haley, her horse Harley, Poco and I, rode together.  I wrote about my friendship with Haley in my former post, True Friends (9/12/10).  She is one of those people who makes me smile and laugh all the time.  A great friend and a joy to ride with!
But this morning brought a change to our wonderful weather and predictions of five separate weather fronts coming in, strong winds, a lowering snow level and in some areas, up to 4 inches of rain.  Guess that's the end of riding outside for awhile.
I decided it was time to put all of the outdoor furniture away for winter (before it blew away). The patio looked empty without the outdoor furniture.
I also decided that today is the day I will quit watering my hanging baskets.  They no longer look so great and I know that in the next week or two we'll have temperatures in the 30's.  I'll have my husband put them away so I can re-use the baskets next year.

As I finish this Post I can hear the rain pounding outside my window.  I guess the first wave of storms is hitting.  I'm glad I got our outdoor furniture put away and that our horses are all protected from the rain tonight.  It's always a comfy feeling to know that everything and everybody is out of the wet!


  1. Too bad about the rain. It's gorgeous here right now although really, really dry so we probably do need some rain. I guess when you get sick of it you can send some our way hehe.

    I'm glad you and Poco have bonded and that his condition isn't going to keep you from riding. :)

  2. The weather reports are fooling is gorgeous here too! Poco is due for a ride soon and even when the rain comes...we do have raincoats don't we!