Friday, August 23, 2013

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I've been spending time at our cabin on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains.  The woods are dry, dry, dry and the heat of the day gives off a spicy scent from the trees which whisper in the breeze.

I always have an internal fight with myself as I prepare to leave for the cabin.  I love being home and I find myself hating to leave.  Yet as soon as I start up Snoqualmie Pass I find myself looking forward to my "other" home.  And once I'm at the cabin I'm happy to be there.

Laundry at home, laundry at the cabin.  I hang most of our clothes outside to dry at the cabin.  I don't mind that the bath towels are a little rough, they have such a great fresh scent and there is nothing like the smell of fresh bedding.  On these warm days the clothes dry quicker hanging outside than in the dryer.

While my laundry dries I relax in the shade and read a (horse) magazine.  Hank is always nearby. After we've sat for awhile I hop on the golf cart and go for a spin around camp with Hank running beside me.  I stop at the clear, cold pond so Hank can take a swim to cool off before we head back to the cabin.  Sometimes Hank goes down for a swim on his own, returning dripping wet with a happy smile on his face.

Hank and I join friends down at the creek.  Hank loves the warm rocks.  He takes a snooze and periodically gets up to take a dip in the water only to come stand next to me and shake.  I don't mind because he cools me off.

I noticed a subtle change this past weekend at the cabin.  Although warm during the days, the nights have cooled off, making me get up and close the windows in the middle of the night.

Returning home is the same as going.  I hate to leave the cabin but once I get home I'm happy to be back.  Again, that subtle change in the weather and lighting - fall is on its way.

I've made arrangements to move Elvis back to the barn for the winter so I can ride indoors.  I have set a goal to show him this winter at local Schooling Shows.  I'm excited about our new challenge.  In the meantime Bob and Peeb will winter here at home.  More on the horses in my next Post.  :)

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