Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Again

It worked well boarding Elvis this winter at the barn.  On those wet, cold days we rode in the indoor arena, dry and comfy.  But as much as I enjoyed the friendships and convenience, May arrived and it was time to bring My Boy home.

Elvis jumped right in the trailer when I loaded him to go home.  He stood quietly when I released him in his own pasture next door to Bob and Prince. I gave him a pat and walked away.

And then...
Yipeeee!  I'm Free!!

Around he flew, bucking and rearing in only what I can describe as pure glee.

Finally stopping to check out the view...

Catch his breath...

And settle down to graze.

Until I'd brought Elvis home last year, he had spent his life in a stall  He had arrived here having no idea what to do when it rained and had stood out in the weather for days getting soaking wet before figuring out that the loafing shed was not only for feeding but for protection.  I was pleased to see this year that he hadn't forgotten where to go when the weather changed.

I see such a change in Elvis in the last year!  He is more independent, maturing, growing up.  It's such a joy to look out the window and see him - to walk out my door to be with him.  I'm happy to have My Boy home again!


  1. There's no place like home, there's no place like home...


  2. Love the romping pics! Then he is so good looking lying down in the green grass. Our horses use their shed at the oddest times; not sure it is even weather related. Mustangs have a different mind-set on a few things.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  3. Glad he is enjoying himself at home. Love the saddle pad.

  4. He looks so good and happy! You should put a side by side pictures of now and when you got him. Have a Great summer :)

  5. Elvis is a sweet heart! and so cute!

  6. He looks so happy! I'm glad he's home for the summer. :D