Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You're Only as Old as You Think You Are!

I tend to be a pretty happy person with a bounce in my step and on particularly happy days I tend to do this little jig that has raised a smile (and some eyes) of those who have encountered me.   I have always believed that you're only as old as you think you are. 

But recently I've been going through times where my bounce and jig have been missing a few beats.  I contribute this to the crummy weather, my holiday eating and transitioning my work load/life to 'retirement'.

Due to those events I've been spending a lot of time off my horse.  It seems as I've approached 'retirement' I've felt myself get older each time I've used that word.

My horse, Champ is onto it.  He's become a bully, testing me all the time.  He surely feels my loss of confidence and I bet he also feels the loss of my physical condition.  I worked so hard to tune both up during last year for my first horse show.  Sadly, they have both taken a hit.

Today is Day #2 of 'retirement'.  As I sat on the couch this morning, looking out at the gray drizzle and drinking my one cup of coffee I allow myself (I tend to talk fast and two cups put me into speed speaker mode), I decided to thumb through the January edition of one of my favorite magazines, Horse and Rider, newly picked up at the mailbox yesterday.

I could barely turn from the front cover.  I sat there looking at the front page which shows a SUNNY day, a SMILING, ASSURED women dressed in a BEAUTIFUL eye catching black and white show outfit, leading a HAPPY, CLEAN white horse.  I could feel the warmth of that sun, the thrill of being at a show and being in tune with your horse.  I remember those feelings from my first horse show this past October.  I started to feel the desire to ride in another horse show building within me.

When I did turn to the features page, I was torn between reading an article about Get Going Showing or one of my monthly favorite's on Confidence Boosters.  Feeling concerned about my low level of confidence, I went here first.  Wow!  This article is about me!  It made me feel better and told me to quit beating myself up, how to get my level up again by riding in my comfort zone and how to push your level of confidence higher.

I then turned the page and alas, here was the article on Get Going Showing!  As I read it, I felt my riding engine being jump started out of this 'retirement' oblivion and back into who I am.  I could feel it reving inside of me, waking back up, ready to get out there and ride again.

Gosh, I felt all this after reading the first column of this article.  I surely didn't expect to see my blog referred to in the second column!  How cool is that?!  Seeing my blog noted in one of my favorite magazines validated my last year of riding, where I started, where I got to and where I am now.

This morning was an omen to pick myself up by the boot straps and get back on track.  I'm going to grab it's brass ring and take full advantage of it!  I need to get back to another show.  I need to test my abilities against my peers, visit with friends and ride around the ring with that silly smile on my face again. 

I recall how high my confidence level was after that show, how great it was to climb on my horse without a moment's hesitation and feel that when I was out there riding that the sky was the limit, I could try it all.   Yup, I need to get back to another show.

I'm back!  I once again feel that I'm only as old as I think I am!!!  My bounce and jig are back in my step.  I'm off to the barn to get my confidence back and start on the road to my second horse show! 

Stay tuned!  :)


  1. I'm so happy for you! I'm glad the magazine had what your were looking for. Don't let retirement define you. Think of it as a chance to do all of the things you've always wanted to do without worrying about being tied down or having obligations and deadlines. Have fun! I can't wait to hear about the next show!

  2. Wow that is pretty cool to be mentioned in a magaazine, never mind your favorite one! Good for you to get up and do some showing, Im not quite that brave yet, but I hope to be soon, you inspire me

  3. I saw you mentioned, good onya!

    During the winter I have to force myself to ride. I don't like the cold, the horses are fresh and I'm just not into it. Thank goodness for 21 year old daughters that put gentle pressure on me to ride *with* them. She gets me off my computer chair and back into the saddle. Once I'm there......it's always satisfying.

  4. I'm going to look for my Horse and Rider as soon as I get home. I need to read that Confidence Booster article. Like, you, the weather and the holidays have left no time for horse work and the longer I go without riding, the more my confidence takes a hit.

    Horse show season will be here before you know it. Enjoy the preparations. What will you start working on first?

  5. Yay you! I can feel the happiness in your words and wish you much success and joy in this coming year!

    I've got some and exciting journeys ahead of me, too. No shows for me, though. Just rebuilding my confidance, balance and fitness while trying to get back out and trail-ride again.


  6. Whooo hoooo! You're FAMOUS~er. :)

    Ok, I really need to follow in your footsteps and get on MY horse too.

  7. I will definitely check out that issue of Horse and Rider. My confidence took quite a whack two years ago. May be the push I need....