Monday, November 22, 2010

Seven Days Later, Raising the Bar

Seven days ago I was filling up my Green Bucket as the wind roared around our house.  I thought losing power last week was a challenging experience while I played Pioneer Women.

But today raises the bar.  Seven days after heavy rains and strong winds, I took this picture with my phone as I looked out my living room window this morning while I drank my coffee:

Yes, that is snow outside the window.  It started yesterday morning and we've had it off and on since then.  It's beautiful but hampers my daily routine of heading up to the barn to ride.  Our road to the highway is in the shade and always one long strip of ice.  Eight foot ditches line both sides.  Many a car has met up with those ditches in snowy weather and I'm not about to be added to the list.

I'm watching the forecast.  Temperatures are dropping as another arctic blast comes our way.  This storm is forecasted to bring strong winds later this afternoon with the wind chill pulling us into single digit temperatures.  As I write this I see the tress starting to sway outside my office, here in the barn.

Losing power in wind and rain was one thing but losing power in these types of temperatures can cause havoc with pipes and just staying warm.  Yesterday my husband and I patched the vents along the bottom of our house with cardboard, as we do every year when the weather gets cold.  Kind of tucks our house in for cold weather.

The Belgians refuse to come in.  They have these deep, greasy, hairy coats and seem to enjoy this weather so I will leave them to their spacious loafing shed which is out of the wind, with lots of water and hay.

My husband went to work this morning.  He works in the same town our daughter attends college.  She has moved up her Thanksgiving trip home and will ride out with him tonight.  I can't wait to have our daughter home with us!

My husband, now a firm believer in the Green Bucket, has called and asked me to fill up FOUR Green Buckets just in case we lose our power tonight.  Quite a change from his declining my offer last week!  :)

I've done my Pioneer Women work, hauling baskets of dry wood into the house and garage.  I was going to wait for the wind to pick up further before I start the fire but I can now hear the barn door starting to bang and see the Fir trees being tossed around by the wind. 

Well, this was a nice little reprieve but it's time to start the woodstove and get ready for the next phase of weather.  :)


  1. Wow! Sounds like you're getting the kind of weather we had all year last winter! We finally got our first snow last night and it's already melted away. Strange for us because we usually get snow starting in early Oct and lasting all the way until late May. But I'm not complaining at all. lol!

    Sounds like you've got pioneer living under control and are the quite hardy bunch. It's great that you don't have to be out driving in it, too. Stay bundled up and I know you'll enjoy having your daughter home for Thanksgiving :)


  2. Always good to hear from you Lisa! I just spent 30 minutes in an almost white out trying to convince our Belgians that the inner loafing shed, grain and grass hay are better then standing out in the snow. Had to finally put a lead rope on one and escort them into the inner pasture. I did close the gate so they are closer to the barn tonight in the smaller pasture. They are now predicting "snow lightning". Hmmm, never saw that before! Have you?

  3. The weather here is rainy no snow as of yet. The first snow fall is always the pretiest to me as it lightly sits on everything. Have a warm day !

  4. what a great post and it pays to be prepared that is for sure! just found you thru country gal who's blog i really enjoy! hope to hear from you soon, have a wonderful time with your daughter! happy thanksgiving! jill