Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turning the Page to Winter

It's almost time to move our horses back to their winter pasture.  I'm holding off until Thanksgiving Weekend.  None of us, neither the horses nor us, want to admit that winter is almost here.   

The summer pasture is starting to look worn from the months the horses have been on it.  Gus's Size 8 Belgian feet have taken their toll.

All of our horses have always loved the summer pasture.  They enjoy watching what is taking place in the fields that surround our house from the Buffalo below to the horses next door.

We love the summer pasture too.  It surrounds the front and side of our house.  It's always fun to look out the windows and see what the horses are up to.

The horses don't like leaving the summer pasture.  When we initially move them they spend the first few days standing at the fence, gazing out towards where they'd just left.  They seem as sad as we are that the long, warm days of spring, summer and fall are over.

Weather for this winter is predicted to be one of the worst since the 1950's.  I love rough weather, the thrill of what Mother Nature tries to throw at us and how creative we can get with throwing it back.

The winter pasture, which is elevated a bit higher than the others and with good drainage, is ready.  The hay is in the barn and the stalls stand ready with dry shavings should we need to move the Belgians inside. 

It's time to turn the page from Autumn to Winter.  I do so slowly, savoring the wonderful warmth of fall and all the good times I had riding or working outside in our yard.  At the barn we called them "The Blessed Days" and surely they were.  We will need to remember them during the next four months when riding means numb feet and hands.  But we'll ride anyway and soon it will be time to turn the page to another spring and look forward once again to warmer days.


  1. What a nice series of pictures. You have a stunningly beautiful place. I really enjoyed seeing how it is all laid out.
    You'll feel good to get them settled in the winter pasture :)

  2. Ugh I'm not looking forward to winter either. I've heard from someone else that they are predicting the worst winter in a long time. It makes me cringe. With my husband out of work we have no firewood cut and can't afford propane. I'm going to freeze this winter. Oh well, we will survive I guess. I'll wear lots of clothes. I loved the pictures and good luck with moving them. :)

  3. Love your blog. I grew up on a farm , had my own horse. I miss them dearly now. I try to take as many photos of them as I can from the ranches and farms around us. Your blog is an insperation . Hubby and I live in the country in a spaciouse village but dont have the room for horses. We are striving to have our own hobby farm in the future, my sister has a horse but lives far away and she is 57 , I am 45 and I know its never to late to live your dream ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. You're so blessed to have such beautiful pastures and green grass to sustain your big horses. Looks like winter has arrived eary in your area, too. The photos are gorgeous, especially the last one. Is that a volcano? Which one?


  5. Yes, that is a sleeping volcano - Mount Rainier. It's over 12,000 feet high. I believe it's the highest mountain in the United States. If it ever awakes we are in big trouble!