Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Little Breeze?

Just back online after high winds battered my tiny town of Enumclaw, Washington, this weekend. 

I have never experienced such high winds and I surely hope I never do again.  The City weather people estimated our gusts were 70mph but from we experienced, have seen and the people we've talked to, that wind speed is under estimated.

I hope to get out and take some pictures tomorrow but wanted to give you a glimpse of what I saw today.

Houses with boarded up windows, blown out from the gusts of wind (we thought we might lose our windows too, not to mention the roof). 

One pasture I drive by has multiple large 3-horse loafing sheds on about 5 acres.  The loafing sheds flew out of the pasture and are now outside the fence, sitting upside down.  They literally were blown up and over the fence.  I can only imagine what those poor horses must have thought.

Houses with trees on them, trees down everywhere.  Roads with trees on both sides cut with a chain saw so you can drive down the road.  The awnings our neighbors used for their horses to get out of the rain sitting on top of the roof of their house.

You get the jest.  Another crazy weather weekend here.  As for us, we are all safe and sound.  Many of our upper fence boards popped off from the wind but our Belgians stayed in their huge loafing shed off of the barn, on the other side of the wind and appeared no worse for wear.  Poco, boarded up at the barn was safe and sound in his barn and is also ok.

Power is back on tonight.  Lights and heat never felt so great!


  1. Hi. I wanted to let you know that your blog about you and your brother playing "that's my horse" as added some much fun to our drives with my granddaughter. Of course, it also includes cows. My daughter also plays this game with her. I am about your age (maybe a little older. So many of your blogs are what is happening in my life or has happened.

  2. We get some wicked winds here as well , we live only a few minuets from lake Erie on the Canadian side and boy oh boy does it ever come off of the lake quite a few times this year we have had to anqure everything down and even the some things went flying ! Have a warm and happy wind free day !

  3. Wow! That was some winds. I'm glad it seems noone was killed or seriously injured, though.
    It's crazy that so much damaged happened, too.

    We routinely get winds up into the 50-60 mph range, sometimes with gusts up to 70mph. We're pretty used to it around here, though, and structures must be built to withstand our winds or the building permits are denied. So, thankfully wind damage is pretty rare in our area.


  4. Wow that sounds awful. I'm glad everyone is okay!