Monday, May 9, 2011

Belly Up To The...Ice Machine

Tuna on the left and Hank on the right, waiting for a cube of ice from the dispenser in front of the fridge.

I thought I was being so nice by sharing a cube whenever I got ice. 

It was so sweet how Hank would gently take it from my hand and as he ate it little pieces would fall on the floor. 

It was so adorable how Tuna would take the chips and either eat or swat them around the kitchen until they melted into little drips of water, what was the harm in that? 


I've created two ice monsters.  Anytime someone gets ice from the front of the fridge, Tuna and Hank both come running at full speed.  It's a race to see who gets to the front of the fridge first.

They now expect a cube of ice anytime someone pushes the dispenser.  If they don't get their cherished cube, they camp out in front of the fridge and give anybody who passes that sad eye-pity me look.  And they will sit there for hours.

Yesterday morning I came out to the kitchen in socks and found the bottom of my feet were wet.  I was puzzled.  Was the fridge leaking?  Where was the water coming from?

Mr. 50+ is gone before I get up.  Apparently he had been hit up for ice and had generously given them each a cube. 

At our house, if you want Hank and Tuna to come, you don't need to call them. 

Just push the ice dispenser!


  1. Hilarious!! Thank goodness they don't know how to push the lever!

  2. Yup, Our Miggy loves ice cubes, put them in her water bowl out side and she fishes them out full face in the water its funny. Love your kitty's name TUNA lol . Have a great day !

  3. That is absolutel hilarious! Love how they cooperatively show their cute begging faces! :)

    Hola from another Pacific Northwester!