Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Honor of Being Called "Mom"

Having the honor of being called Mom didn't come easy to me.  At a young age I'd had surgery that ended any chances of naturally getting the title. 

But miracles happen.  And one happened to us when with only two weeks until birth, my husband and I were chosen to be adoptive parents.  We had fourteen days to get all the studies and paperwork accomplished to receive a new born. 

Miracles continued to happen when everybody we worked with made it their priority to assist us.  And the biggest Miracle of all was when at the ripe age of eighteen hours, we brought our daughter home.

Thus started the honor of being called Mom.

As a young child it was Mommy.  "Mommy can you rub my back?"  "Mommy, I'm hungry."  "Mommy, can we (I)  please???"  "Mommy, I falled (yes falled) down!"

As she got older I became Mom.  "Mom, can you help me?"  "Mom, will it hurt?"  "Mom, can I please go?"

We were thrilled that our daughter liked horses.  Then again, I guess she didn't have much choice.  :)  When she decided to join 4H and then moved on to APHA, and there were more Mom questions:

"Mom, could you please hold him?"  "Mom, could you please get me a water?"  "Mom, HURRY!  I need my (helmet, gloves, boots, crop, hat, etc)". 

And one that still brings a tear to my eye:  "It's OK Mom, Charlie (above) and I will do better next year.  We're going to work really hard all year long and next year we'll make it to State, won't we Charlie?"

There was the rough patch too as our daughter entered into her late teen years and what I refer to as the know-it-all period.  "Mom!  REALLY!!"  "Yeah...Sure Mom."  "Mom!  Are you going to wear THAT?????!"

Those weren't such fun times.  I became Mother for awhile.  "Mother!  Please!!!!!"  "Oh and Mother, I don't want you doing (this and that)."  "Mother, don't you dare (do or say this and that)."

But we made it through those times and off to college she headed.  Now finishing up as a Junior, she came home yesterday, in-between finals, to go to lunch with me and then returned back to school. 

I know she's working hard to keep her A's and B's in college and leaving school for even a short time right now during finals is tough.  I was touched that she wanted to spend time with me yesterday.  She has two finals tomorrow and knew she couldn't be here on the official Mother's Day.

But what is so neat is where our relationship has gone.  I find she is no longer just my daughter, she is also my friend.  We make each other laugh, we share confidences, our thoughts parallel each others. 

We are back to the "Mom" stage again and it's an honor to be here.  "Oh, and Mom...did I tell you?"  "Mom, that is such a cool idea."  "Mom, did you want to go (here or there) today?"

And the very best.

"Mom, I love You."

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Wonderful photos and post.
    Happy Mothers day to you.

  2. Lovely post. There really is a special bond between mother and daughter.

  3. What a sweet post! Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. What a really sweet post. :) Happy Mother's Day!