Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Horse, Part 4 - Pre-Purchase and The Decision

That's me on Bob, so happy I can hardly stand it!

Bob passed his pre-purchase with flying colors.  The Vet was impressed with Bob's soundness and quiet/agreeable personality.  Her last comment as she was leaving was, "You've found yourself a good horse.  Bob's in great shape and has the personality to match.  You have no idea how many people are looking for a horse like this."

I think I do.  I was one of them.  I've bought horses before, purchased on gut instinct and high emotions.  Most of them didn't work out because they weren't the right horse to begin with. 

I took a different approach with Poco and Bob.  I knew what I wanted to do with my new horse, kept my priorities to a manageable number, set an amount that I could/would pay, requested a second set of eyes from my Frainer (friend and trainer), Rachel and ended my search with a pre-purchase exam. 

Lastly, after missing out on some good prospects, I moved quickly when I found Bob.  As the owner noted when I went to purchase Bob and pick up his papers, she'd been inundated with calls and potential buyers were waiting in the wings in case I decided to return Bob.

Sigh!  It has been a wild 3 weeks.  Bob's Bill of Sale and Registration Papers are in my office, ready to go into a new folder called "Bob".  Tonight Poco and Bob share their loafing shed/pasture for the first of many nights. 

Life is good, very good!


  1. I am so happy for you!!! Great post!!

  2. Wonderful news! You must be so excited and happy. Horses like Bob are rare and worth their weight in gold - so nice to have the vet confirm his worth. I love the picture. You look like you're bursting with happiness. I'll look forward to reading more about Bob.

  3. Congratulations and welcome home, Bob! I've been following along, so glad you found a sensible horse.

  4. Hurray! I agree with Carol's statement that horses like Bob are worth their weight in gold. I've read so many stories about people buying expensive horses that are glamorous but unsuitable for their riding ability. They tend to end up injured or too scared to ride. So much better to have a horse you can enjoy.

  5. I am totally so happy for you! Sounds like Bob is a wonderful match and the love can only grow from here!

  6. Congratulations & many happy trails to you.

    My last horse purchase was a "heart" purchase, not a head purchase. It wasn't easy and not sure I would do it again, but in the end, we worked out. You did it the RIGHT way!