Friday, September 7, 2012

A Long Time

I spotted them out of my left eye as they came speeding towards me.
My only thought before they got to me was, "I bet they are brothers".
The first one missed me by a hair's breath.
The second one misjudged his distance.
He collided with me.
Hitting me on my left temple.
You know, that soft spot next to your eye.
I heard his frustration.
I felt his anger.
He moved to the corner of my left eye.
I screamed, pushing him back to his original location.
I screamed again.
So loud that I'm sure I could be heard for miles.
This time in agony.
At the searing pain.
Dang!  It had been a long time since I'd been stung by a bee!!


  1. Boy, do I hear your pain. Bees and I don't particularly get along; no allergic reaction or anything, but LOTS of swelling and, you know, PAIN! So sorry the 'brothers' nailed you in the head.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. They tell me it would be sisters. I've never checked.


  3. Oh my ! Hope your ok ! I cant stand wasps they always seem to have it out for me they follow me buzz around me but they don't to anyone else I am around at the time and I stopped wearing perfumes or sprays of any kind in the summer and yet they still bother me !I to luckily haven't been stung for years but when I was a kid my dad and I were getting down a huge wasps nest from the barn and low and behold they saw me and I had hundreds in my cloths and all over me ! I was bathing in calamine lotion baths for 2 weeks thank fully I am not allergic to them or I wouldn't be here to day if I was . My mum figured I was stung about 100 times all I remember was the pain ! So needless to say I am a bit of a weirdo around wasps ! Hope it feels better soon !

  4. I KNOW it was those darned boy hornets...swear! I could tell by their lowered 'buzz'.

    I (quickly ran) retreated into the house and made up a paste from baking soda and water. A remedy from my years up at the Cabin when I got plastered by Balled Headed Hornets (probably all boys too).

    Pasted the remedy all over the attacked area.
    It helped but I still got waves of pain and thought this must be how a calf must feel like after he's been branded.

    But a Good Cowgirl carries on! Holding my swollen head up, I went to town to get some groceries.

    Only to realize that people were giving me sideways glances.

    Across the Customer Service Counter of the store - in the mirror, I saw a woman with half of her left face coated in white chalk (baking soda).


    Oh well. By Monday they'll all have something else to talk about!