Friday, January 10, 2014

Into Training

Somewhere along the way my life has become more complicated than it used to be.  My commitments have increased and I find I'm not able to ride as often as I feel is needed.

Although my visits to the barn are frequent, the rides have become less.  And that means my boy sits in his stall which induces pressure for me to try to ride every day, which leads to frustration that I am not able to ride every day, which leads to resenting other commitments - a part time job that at times can be almost full time, caring for my family and taking care of animals at home, not to mention taking care of the home itself.

Just look at how often I've recently posted on this blog and you can see the tale of someone who would love to have more time to write but can barely find a moment to herself.

I found myself awake at night, feeling frustrated about not riding and also asking myself, what do I REALLY want to do with Elvis? Elvis is a talented horse in both Western Pleasure and Dressage. He is a dream at Showmanship.  But I ask myself, do I want to go down the show road in 2014?  Not sure.

I miss sorting with my Cowgirl Pals.

I miss riding all the trails up around Cabin Creek not to mention the John Wayne/Iron Horse Trail which is only 1/4 mile from our cabin. Sigh...I needed some advice from someone who knows me and knows my horse.

Enter my friend and trainer, Rachel Koehler, whom I refer to in my Posts as my Frainer.

Growing up "just riding", I started taking lessons with Rach in 2008, learning how to ride our daughter's show horse Champ, whom I inherited after she headed off to college.  Champ had buttons and I had no clue how to operate such a horse.  Here I am at one of my first lessons (not pretty, look at my concentration (via my tongue hanging out!)).  That was FIVE years ago.  I was a very green, novice rider (and 50 pounds heavier)!

I met with Rach a few days ago.  And just like the good friend she is, she listened as I laid it all out.  I shared my frustrations about not getting up to ride and uncertainty about which direction Elvis and I should take. I asked for her collaboration in helping Elvis and I down our future road.

Together we formulated a plan.  With Rach's assistance we will start exposing Elvis to various environments including sorting (yipee!), roping (which he proved to be a natural at last spring), trails and shows.  Rach will help me out by putting rides on Elvis, alleviating my frustration of not getting up to ride as often.  She will work on his top line and expose him to ponying other horses, standing tied quietly, etc.  She will take those first rides when we try various disciplines (after all I AM 50+).

Elvis is going into training, will get ridden more often and exposed to various environments.  I will continue taking lessons and with Rach's guidance further my skills.  Elvis, Rach and I will try out various disciplines and see what fits best.  Happy world has fallen back into place again.


  1. When there seems to be now way...God provides a way.

    This is the best post I have read all day!

  2. Good for you!! I've been feeling the same way. Trying o find time for my horses is impossible with an 8 month at home. I am only working very part time. I'm thinking of finding a babysitter to come to the house one day a week for a few hours so I can get scheduled horse time. Other days dad can watch baby, like on my lesson day. I love my baby to death but I have to have a healthy balance in my life and horses keep me sane! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so happy you could find a solution! I look forward to all of your fun adventures together this year. :D