Thursday, October 2, 2014


It's been a month since we suddenly lost Bob.

It's still an adjustment for both Elvis and this family.

I've watched and worried over Elvis like a mother hen.  Is he happy?

Elvis can't see any other horses from our place.  Our neighbors have a horse but it's behind their place.  A few weeks ago Elvis caught a brief glimpse of it and went into a full tizzy, flying around the pasture until he was exhausted and soaking wet.  I stood watching helplessly, worried about the large rocks that pop up from the ground due to living at the feet of a dormant volcano.

Once Elvis ran out of steam I haltered him up and led him to the barn where I hosed him down, paying extra attention to his legs.  No harm done but...that behavior answered my questions - and I don't like the answer.

I worry about the upcoming winter.  Elvis comes from a show barn environment and has always had warm blankets and a cozy stall surrounded by equine neighbors to protect him from winter's harm.

This was to be his first winter at home, with savvy Bob to show him the ropes and keep him company. How is Elvis going to handle being here alone when the winds are roaring at 60 mph and the rain is sideways - or when the temps hit single digits?

Board Elvis?  Don't want to do that.  It would result in having zero horses at home.  It's hard enough to look out the window and see one horse.  I can't imagine looking out and seeing none.

Have someone board here?  Don't want the hassles of additional insurance or lack of privacy.

Get a cow/goat?  Not for us.

So what option is left?

As we enter into a new chapter of our lives without children at home, Hubby and I have discussed another horse for him to ride.  Not a rescue horse or another yard ornament (and we've surely hosted many) but a steady, anybody can get on, low-key Gelding.



  1. I vote go for it. My mare is an only but, has three donkeys next door, 30ish at a boarding barn five acres away, along with horses, donkeys & cattle across the road.

  2. A steady eddy gelding sounds like the best option for you guys. I'm sorry Elvis isn't happy. I hope you can find him a buddy soon. Have you considered the pony or donkey route? I love having my donkey as a companion for Chrome. :)