Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bring On The Storms!

The first big wind storm of the season arrived this last weekend.  I was outside when the winds hit.  It was odd.  We went from no breeze to instant heavy gusts.

My husband and I tried to ignore our flickering lights as we watched TV.  We could hear the wind roaring outside as it rushed into the poplars along the fence line.  We each had a flashlight next to us - expecting to lose power at any moment.

But we didn't lose power even though the gusts reached over 60 mph, ripping leaves off the trees.

My hanging basket, which I got in early April. continues to try to bloom.  What a brave little basket it's been!

Can't say the same about my potted geraniums.  They are finished.

J and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary this weekend by completing the installation of our new generator panel on Sunday.  It's finished, tested and ready for the next storm.

This is a BIG DEAL for us.  No more having to scramble in the dark with opened windows and power cords running through the house for one or two lights when we lose power.  We are now able to roll the generator out, start it up, plug it in and instantly have lights, TV, internet (and even our microwave) in minutes.

But best of all we will now have WATER!  That means no longer having to worry about filling the stock tanks and green buckets for the toilets before a storm.  We can now even run the washer if needed (even if we can't use the dryer).

We feel so liberated.  Bring on the storms!

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