Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Dilemma - My Box of Chocolates

Have you ever received a box of wonderful chocolates and found you didn't know which one to eat first, (second, third, fourth)?

Elvis is my box of chocolates and I'm struggling with which one to eat first.  Some of those bites of candy are richer than others and I must watch my budget (ahhh, such is the life of a 50+)!

Should it be Dressage?  Elvis has an extensive background in Dressage.  If so it would be Western Dressage (and I also find myself interested in Cowboy Dressage).

Should it be sorting cattle?  Not sure I want to pursue this any further.  Every horse I've sorted with became aggressive at home in the pasture towards poor Hank (the dog) and this includes Elvis.  Too many close calls.

Should it be Western Pleasure?  (Bad example above - hard to take pictures of yourself when you are on the horse).

My box of chocolates lived for years in a WP training barn before his former owner decided to turn to Dressage.  Showmanship is an add-on of that experience.  My candy knows much about this world.

Should it be trail riding?  My boy is pretty green at this so I would benefit from a half-bite of that chocolate in finding a partner with a steady horse to go out with.  But my sweet boy is a registered Appaloosa so we could participate in the Chief Joseph Trail Ride.

Maybe it's "just riding".  I miss boarding my candy boy at the barn and hanging with my Cowgirl Pals.  My rides at home are minimal as I don't ride here when I'm alone.  I know I'd ride much more at the barn where there are people around plus I would join the group activities such as Ladies Nights, etc.

But right now my box of chocolates is out in his pasture.  He is covered in mud instead of chocolate. I haven't done much with him for a few months as the days became short, wet, etc.

But days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner.  It's time to figure out which piece of chocolate I should pick first.


  1. With Elvis your box of chocolates has a lot of variety! And yes has things that are still new to the taste. So just take it a day at time and enjoy the adventure! Elvis will take the ride with you! Some days, Libby and My ride, is just a loop around the pasture! At our age, we do not need to much, (Libby and I). She is getting older. I am getting older, and Sometimes all it takes is a ride around the pasture a few times. Ahhh!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a nice dilemma to have. Sometimes it's fun doing a little bit of everything. Nice to have a horse that can do it all.

  3. What is the difference between western dressage and cowboy dressage? Both are just dressage in a western saddle right?

    I love that you have so many options with your versatile box of chocolates. I hear you on the riding alone part... I would probably ride more if I had people to ride with too. I think if I had a horse like Elvis I would just mix it up to keep things fun and interesting (although not sure about the cattle sorting if it's making him dog aggressive... although now that you mention it I think Chrome would be good at it because he's loves to chase small animals lol). Are you planning to compete? Trail riding, western dressage, etc. don't have to be expensive if you have the gear and a place to do it. Showing is a whole different ball game that I have no experience with so I can't help you there.

    Anyway whichever one you choose I think the most important thing is that you'll be having fun with your boy. :D