Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Good News. The Bad News.

It's February 14th.  Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what our cabin usually looks like this time of the year.  We're driving up for the day tomorrow and we can take any vehicle we'd like (not just 4-wheel drive)...because there is no snow (at all).

As the East Coast digs out of another snow storm, we on the West Coast are enjoying mild temps (60+ out there right now).  It's been so mild that last night (February 13th), we were walking around in shorts and t-shirts until later in the evening when the temps cooled down.

The grass is growing green and tall right in front of our eyes, prompting the first mowing of the season.

Color is starting to show on the trees and bushes.

The good news is that spring has arrived early.

The bad news is that there's no snow pack in the mountains and I expect summer will bring a long fire season.

That being said, I'm betting next year will be totally different and I'll be writing about how cold it is. :)


  1. Here is SC, we cant make up our minds what the days are going to be. Thankfully its been mild. Glad all is well so far. Have you made a decision on what you and Elvis are going to do?

  2. Well I don't feel to comfy till after March! Mother Nature has a way of changing her attitude over night! LOL But I really am loving the nicer weather.

  3. Green grass in February?! I'm green with envy. Looks good enough to eat. Mother Nature is fickle in my neck of the woods. Can't make up her mind between sunny-and-70 & snowy-and 25. Hope no fire comes your way this summer. Maybe you'll get some good rain.

  4. Wow green grass in February?? How weird!! I'm glad you're enjoying some nice weather and temperatures. :D