Monday, March 9, 2015

All Well that Ends Well

On Saturday morning J and I loaded Gal into the horse trailer and hauled him up to the barn where I periodically board and ride.

We hadn't loaded Gal since we brought him home and that load had been a bit rough.  Although Gal was nervous, it was incredible how he settled down as soon as I led him into the barn and down the aisle of horses nickering to him as we passed.

He sighed in glee as I led him into his large stall, immediately made friends with his neighbors, pawed a few times and had some good rolls in the clean shavings.

My Cowgirl Pal had told me that Gal would be attending a de-sensitization clinic with his new owner the following day.  She'd keep me posted on how it went.  Last night I got a text message and pictures regarding Gal's first day with his new owner.

Here's Gal with his new owner.

Good Boy, Gal!

And my very favorite picture - a happy horse...and look at the smile on that happy owner!  We couldn't be more pleased for both of them!

Our journey with Gal is complete.  All is well that ends well.

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