Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Win-Win For All of Us

Gal came from one of my Cowgirl Pals.  She had taken him into her home when a friend of hers had a baby and decided Gal no longer fit into her life. My CG Pal has known Gal since he was a baby.

We didn't know much about Gal and were hesitant in making a commitment.  But with an agreement that if we changed our minds he would return to my CG Pal, our concerns were alleviated.

The plan was that he'd be a horse for family and friends to use, joining Elvis and I on rides.  But as time went by it became apparent that Gal is more horse than I am comfortable placing a novice rider on.  Not his fault, he's a good boy but best for an intermediate/advanced rider.

So the phone call was made to my CG Pal.  Within two days she was able to find another good home for Gal...a friend who knows and has ridden Gal in the past and who is thrilled to have him in her life.

Gal will remain here for another week before he heads to his new home.  And now that our new neighbors next door have two horses, Elvis has buddies over the fence and won't be lonely.

Down the road we'll keep our eyes out for that babysitter horse, but we are in no hurry.  We are happy to have known Gal and thrilled that he's going to someone who will love and care for him as we have.

A win-win for all of us.

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  1. He's very pretty. Nice that he is going to someone who knows him and is excited.