Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shaking The Tree

Every once in awhile it's good to shake one's tree and get the dust off of one's leaves.  The last time I did this was a year ago.  My Hubby, Hank the Dog, and I took a trip to the Northeast side of Washington State.
My husband, familiar with the area from years of hunting, took me to the most beautiful places up in the mountains.  The cool fresh air and scent of pine trees was like perfume. 

At one point on our drive, through the trees I spotted the most incredible camping spot.  I asked to pull over.  Down off of the road and through the pine trees we went to a spot that took my breath away.  It was large and spacious with a creek and small waterfall running along it.  We grabbed our camp chairs and spent a long time there that day.
I never wanted to leave this wonderful place.  We made a pact that we'd return the following year and camp there.  So a year later, here we are heading back.
Early morning, our Belgians with neighbor's buffalo in the distance, wondering what we're up to.
Ready to leave in our camper, hoping the beautiful spot we found last year isn't already occupied by someone else.
Passing many apple orchards, active at harvest time. 
Running fence is never fun but this (literally) tops all we'd ever seen!
Hank the Dog, up from a nap to check out the surroundings.
Late in the day we arrive at the spot we discovered last year to find it empty.  It's all ours!
It's as beautiful as we remembered!
A level spot to set up Camp. 
Sweat pants and shirts mandatory in the AM.  Coffee anyone?
No matter where you go, there's always laundry!  :)
During our stay we never saw another person.  It was peaceful, relaxing and fun.  A few days later it was time to head home.  We returned the same way we did last year, a different route which included this (tiny) ferry boat ride.
I was curious to check out this property with multiple lots for sale.  Last year they sat empty, driveways and roads leading to nowhere.  Sadly, no changes in the past year.  The lots still sit empty.  Just like the abandoned homes and farms we passed, a sign of our sad economy.
Climbing up and up into the sky.  Lots of hairpin turns and cliffs that drop down hundreds of feet.
Once we get up on top, we drive across miles and miles of wheat fields as far as the eye can see.
This rock wall we drove past last year fascinated us.

We hit I-90 and soon found ourselves in familiar stomping grounds, pulling onto our road right before dark.  After living out of the camper, our house seemed huge!

Yesterday I couldn't wait to see Poco.  He was happy to see me, putting his nose into my neck and then just standing there smelling me until I finally moved away.  I swear that horse missed me as much as I missed him!

The camper is off the truck and parked back where it sits when not in use.  Tomorrow my Hubby returns to work and I go back to the routine I had prior to our trip.  It was good to shake my tree and dust off my leaves, good for the heart and soul.  But it's also good to be back home!


  1. That sounds wonderful. I'm jealous1 I love camping and that is such a beautiful spot you found. It must have been heaven to be there.

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to unwind and relax. I'm envious but happy for you. :D