Sunday, September 12, 2010

True Friends

I want to introduce to two very special friends, Haley and Rachel.

Haley is my riding buddy at the barn.  She's one of those people who always puts a smile on my face and makes laughter come so easily.  People like that in our lives are special.  If you think about someone you know who is like that, I bet right now you've also got a smile on your face, just as I do right now!

Haley and I are both 50+ and always seem to be in a battle to keep our confidence levels up.  Riding together whenever possible, we help each other out with observations and support. 

We always seem to have an ongoing discussion about our philosophies on life and equines.  As we cool down our horses, we carry on these mind provoking conversations.  Together on our horses we solve the world's issues.

We've come to know each other so well that recently, as we stood outside the arena watching one of our fellow riders jumping, I turned to Haley and said, "You know, maybe someday we should..." 

That's as far as I got.  Haley finished my thought with, "No Sheri, we are not jumping."  I replied, "We aren't?"  She responded, "No, we are not."  I looked at her, she looked at me, and we both broke into laughter.  Haley is right.  Jumping isn't something either of us wants to attempt.  We're much happier observing.

Rachel is my trainer.  She's helped me to become the rider I'd always wanted to be.

But the road to getting me there surely hasn't been easy.  How many trainers would have the patience to give lessons to this 50+ rider whose first lesson started outside the stall of the horse she was supposed to ride (because she was terrified of going inside the stall)? 

How many trainers would continually ask this rider at every lesson for over six months if they were ready to lope before this rider finally got up the confidence to comply? 

Rachel's quiet inner strength, her positive way with both horse and rider, her humor and way of making a statement without offending has kept this 50+ rider going and going, like the Energizer Bunny.

Two wonderful people I'm honored to call friends.  There's a special bond amongst the three of us, a love of horses and special strength that has brought us close.  It's a gift that will carry through the years of time.  We are sisters, bonded by our respect for each other, our love of horses and all things equine.


  1. Your friend and trainer both sound wonderful. You're lucky. It's hard to find good people to work with. I feel my teachers have the world's greatest patience to keep teaching me. When I finally 'get' something I think "how could they put up with me not getting something so simple for the last four months". :)

  2. Horses bring people together. It great that you and Haley can relate to each others challenges and provide support to each other. I am the oldest in my riding group (I turned 54 this week!) and I am pretty sure that my riding partners roll their eyes at me sometimes. :-) I, too, have been where you have been and my trainer has the same patience as Rachel. I think the key is having fun, and you seem to be having lots of fun!

  3. Your post definitely put a smile on my face. What would we do without people like those two in our lives? Don't even want to contemplate it. :)

  4. How wonderful to have people like that to share your love of horses and to provide support and encouragement. Good, supportive riding buddies are not always easy to come by.

  5. I am in the same boat! My trainer was very patient with me too! AND I have a wonderful friend that I love to be around. People in our lives are there for a reason, and each one contributes something good!