Friday, February 24, 2012

Fair Weather Rider

HOW COME we can go for weeks and weeks with rain, wind and even a blade of sunshine.  Yet about a week before the day to go sorting arrives the weather people start talking doom and in low temps and snow?

     I don't mind rain.

          I don't mind wind...well, maybe I do if it's gusting above 35 mph and stuff is flying all over the place.

              Sunshine?  Duh.

But when the temps are in the low 30's and that white stuff starts falling, it's not my idea of fun to haul my horse some place, let alone sit on him for a few hours (and I bet he agrees).

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE sorting.  But it's one of those events where you're in the pen moving all over the place or you're sitting idle waiting for your next run.  I would be happy to do some schooling on the BobMan in-between runs.  ...Tried that before but was asked to get back in line with everybody else.

So BobMan gets the day off tomorrow while I meet my non-Cowgirl Pals for a long overdue lunch. 

Instead of boots and jeans, I'll wear...

Boots and jeans.  I may be a fair weather rider but that doesn't mean I'm not a rider.


  1. Its cold and rainy here , the kind of cold damp that gets right down to the bones ! Have a good lunch with your friends and a good day !

  2. Don't forget your best hoodie. I always wear add my best hoodie when going out and about.

  3. I hope you enjoyed lunch, but sorry your sorting plans didn't work out. I've gone sorting twice now, and oh, I know what you mean by standing in line for a long time. It can get really cold just standing in line in an indoor arena with the moisture in the footing adding to the chill. I won't haul if there is any chance of the white stuff falling.