Monday, February 27, 2012

A (Possible) New Horse (?)

When I shared the news of losing Poco in December with my Frainer (friend and trainer) Rachel, I asked her if she would keep her eyes open for another horse for us.  Time passed as we went through the mourning period and today we are on the other side of our sadness.

Bob and I headed up for our weekly lesson this morning - and what an awesome lesson it was!  Rachel and I discussed "cow mentality" and then she simulated being a cow while Bob and I worked on sorting the poor women.  I can't speak for Rachel (or Bob) but I sure had a lot of fun chasing Rachel around the arena and trying to predict what she'd do next.  :)

About half way through our lesson a horse went by, being led to its stall.  Rachel mentioned to me that two horses had arrived yesterday and she thought one of them might be a possible perspective for replacing Poco.  We talked a little about the subject horse, but then being the task master that she is, we went back to "playing cow".

As we finished our lesson Rachel told me a little more.  It's the sad but typical story.  A family that has lost interest in their horses, including caring for them.  The perspective horse, 12-years old, was ridden by the daughter until she lost interest and then by the husband for trail rides (until he lost interest).  Husband knew nothing about riding horses.  The horse is reported to be gentle, steady and tolerant. 

Rachel told me that in a few hours she'd be putting her first ride on the horse, did I want to watch?  Oh did I!  I loaded Bob up and headed home.  Returning just in time to join Rachel as she went to get the horse out of his stall.

A 12-year old Thoroughbred.  Neglected in care and feed but appeared gentle and easy to handle.  Here's Rachel cleaning his feet, which he lifted up willingly.  He stands at about 16.1+ hands, (a good size for my tall husband).  Thick chest.  Comments from "the audience" (that joined us to watch) were that he looks more like an Appendix Quarter Horse.  Big, deep, soft, gentle eyes that one can get lost in...

Willing, loads, leads and (gotta love this) as I observed (and the audience ahhhhh'd over) - a smooth jog (the kind where you could jog and drink a cup of tea and not spill a drop).  It's reported the horse raced for one year and then went to a trainer to become a pleasure horse...and you can tell someone put some time into him even if it was years ago.

So we'll see how it goes as he fattens up and gets his feet in better shape.  If he's still as gentle then as he was today, he may be the right horse for us or he may become a fire breathing horse that feels better and doesn't fit what we are looking for.

If there's one thing I've learned it's to let this whole thing play out and not be in any hurry.  And even if I was in a hurry, I'm grateful to have Rachel, my second (common) sense, who isn't going to let us go down that path unless it's the right horse for us.

Sigh.  But he sure is cute!


  1. Good luck he sounds great so far . Hope you all will work out ! Have a good day !

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  2. He IS cute! And glad you have Rachel too. I have a friend like her, and is it ever helpful! I hope it works out, because he sounds like an awesome horse!