Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation Weekend!

It's Graduation Weekend!  Yesterday our daughter returned home from college for the last time.  This weekend we celebrate and attend her graduation.

I had flowers and Champagne waiting for her.

Ironically husband and daughter arrived home within about two minutes of each other.  From their cars where they'd been endured Friday traffic, they joined me outside at the table - shady and cool in the late afternoon.  Here we sat and talked until dinner, which we ate outside while drinking Champagne.

The view our daughter had from her seat during dinner.  While eating she had paused, looked up at the fields and let out a big sigh. 

She was home.

Today she dressed up and returned to school to attend several department receptions.  She borrowed her Father's new car.

While she was gone Father washed her car and cleaned out the inside.  Pretty nice, huh?

While I wrote this and tossed the ball for Hank.  Nice of me too, huh?

And Bob ate his lunch, content to watch us all.

It's a very happy and special time for this family.  :)



  1. Thats awesome that your daughter is there with you especially this weekend as its mothers Day Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mothers Day .

  2. Sounds like a pretty special weekend. Congratulations to all.
    Bionic Cowgirl