Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dash and Ride

So much happening at home.

Grad party coming up for daughter.  Trying to get the house in shape for the event.  The cat has shredded some of our "ugly" wallpaper.  It is hanging in shreds on the wall.  I've been saying I was going to take it down for seven years so now that the cat has been "helping" it can no longer be avoided.  :)

Bob and I have had challenges. 

I took two short vacations and put him at the barn where I used to board and where I still haul in and take lessons.  The stalls are huge, designed specifically for warmbloods.  The care is excellent.

Bob didn't take well to the stall/pampering environment.  He became a very agitated, even more sensitive.

Things got so far out of hand that my Frainer (friend and trainer), who helped me decide to purchase Bob a year ago, has told me that she feels we made a mistake and that I should sell him and find a different horse - one who isn't so spooky/sensitive.

I received her advice and ran it around in my head for a week.  Took a lesson the following week where Bob was almost uncontrollable and agreed to sell him.

Balled my head off trying to write the add, but after 24 hours of agony, put it up on the internet. 

Twelve hours later I pulled it down.

My Frainer is not pleased.

But I believe that Bob's issues, which have expedited after being the only horse here at home, are partly because he is here by himself.  Last year we had four horses and Bob, although still a sensitive horse, didn't behave this way. 

I plan to purchase another horse in the fall.  Until then, I'm not sure how I will proceed.  I only want two horses in the future.  I may keep someone's horse here with Bob, not sure.

In addition to the above, I haven't been as active in riding as I was last year.  I passed on the summer with my Cowgirl Pals because I was going to spend time at the cabin.  But that has fallen through and to date I haven't caught up with my Pals.

I've stepped up to the plate and am hauling Bob up to the barn more often.  His sensitivity currently is too high for me to feel comfortable riding here at home alone.

I'm hoping to get through this.  My family and I don't take buying and bonding to our horses lightly.  We view them as life-long partners.  So before I proceed I must know that I've tried all I can.

I believe things are getting better, but gotta run. 

Heading out to haul Bob up to the barn for another ride.  :)


  1. Does Bob have a goat buddy? It's not as good as a horse buddy, but you probably won't get as emotionally involved, and you can dump the goat when you DO get a new horse.


  2. Oh I do hope you and Bob can work things out ! Lovely hanging planters under your porch . Guess kitty got tired of waiting for you to take down the old wall paper and gave you a bit of a push start lol ! Hope all goes well . Have a good day !

  3. you two can work through this. i have faith in you and Bob.

  4. Hi Bill. We've discussed getting a goat but being suckers for animals, we know if we do that we'll fall in love with it and never be able to get rid of it...

    We've finally been able to move Bob into our middle pasture where he can look across the field at the neighbor's horses - something we couldn't do earlier because we needed to cut the grass and let it dry (our grass is rich).

    Three mares and new babies next door. Bob loves to stand and watch. Being able to see other horses across the fields seems to have alleviate alot of his stress.

    He's been a solid ride, even when we were out in a storm yesteday.

    I find Bob is NOT a complicated horse. He doesn't do well in a complicated world (stalls, being turned out for a few hours and left to sit in a stall the rest of the day).

    Him is just Him. Just give him a pasture and a loafing shed, where he can be in view of other horses and he seems happy and content. More to come as I continue to ride him. :)

  5. When I lost Poncho, I did not want another horse. So I looked for a Donkey. It worked. Libby was happy...but...the donkey was not! LOL So I had to get a second, because donkeys have to come in twos...LOL BUT on the upside, Two Donkeys equals one horse in the food and poop dept. And they never need shoes and can go a bit longer during trims if they have good feet. If not, then same time frame inbetween....AND The BONUS, there is NOTHING in this world like Donkey hugs and kisses! Something to think about.