Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting a Few ZZZZZ's

Yesterday's ride on the horse my Frainer (friend and trainer) wanted me to take a look at went pretty well.  I went home all in a twitter about the horse, golden/red with a flaxen mane and tail, my thoughts fueled from your wonderful responses to my questions in my previous Post (thanks to all who responded).

The one thing (about me) when I am considering a new horse.  I can't sleep.  I was awake most of the night, tossing and turning, thinking about the possible new addition to my world. 

Today I hauled my tack up to ride her again and without going into details; the fact of the matter is, it didn't go well and I know she is NOT the right horse for me. 

Sigh.  So much for my 12-hour horse possibility.  Ironically, instead of being bummed about the fact it didn't work out, I'm actually pleased that I (finally) recognized a prospective horse and I didn't fit.  In the past I would have fought the fact only to find out later, sometimes much later, that we weren't a good match.

I will continue to ride Mr. Peterman (Petey) as a lesson horse and spoil Bob here at home, who is happy as a clam in his newly retired life and doing so well, I'm tempted to hop on him, if only for a few minutes.


In the meantime I'm going to catch up those zzzzz's I lost last night!

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  1. You ARE making progress. Even though it is a dissapointment, it is also a good feeling to be able to recognize the horse as either a fit or not.

    I look at my dogs. I look at pound dogs. I look at ALL Dogs...And I can pretty much tell their personality, habits, and if they are a good fit for someone too. I also can train the dogs to have manners, and behave. Every time I baby sit a dog, it goes home a better canine, and somewhat more fit. Of course my three dogs help in the training too, especially Taumee. She is a wonderful teacher!

    I wish I could do that with horses! I am very rusty at it....