Monday, July 9, 2012

One Can Always Dream

The family, dog and cat packed up and headed to the cabin for a post-Fourth of July parade/potluck.

Our parade is a very sweet part of Cabin Creek.  When I was a kid, everybody participated in the parade.  We all would laugh at the fact that there was nobody who watched. 

These days there are a handful of people who watch (and receive grief from those participating).  I was one of them.  :)

This was one of my favorite pictures.  Great Grandmother driving her Great Granddaughter.

But of all the pictures I took, this is my favorite.  She waved her hat on her own as I raised the camera.  I'm thinking there's a horse crazy girl that might like some 50+ mentoring!

While we were gone I boarded Bob up at the barn.  The stalls are huge and there's daily turnout into large pastures.  Although Bob hasn't cared for the lodging in the past, he's getting better about it.  Text messages from friends who board there reported he settled in nicely.

When I went to pick him up yesterday his knees were once again unstable.  In fact they were so unstable that we were concerned he was going to fall as I checked him out.  We took the risk of putting him in the trailer and ever so gently hauling him the few miles back to our place without incident.

The truth has hit us hard.  I can't take the chance of even a light ride.  I now know I'll never be able to ride Bob again.

I head up to take my lesson in a few hours on the Lesson Horse, which I'm grateful to be able to use.  But I'm all choked up about the reality of my situation.  I have no horse left to ride and like a flower without water, I feel my inner self wilting and fading away.

I've put the word out on the equine telegraph around here that I'm in search of another horse.  I've asked my friends to keep an eye out for an older gelding, a been there, done that guy that I can put family and friends on and know they will be well taken care of.  I'm looking for a guy who is in the upper 15 hands so that my husband can also ride (my husband is very tall).

But the fact is that I'm in no fiscal position to buy a horse right now.  All I have to offer is a good home, care and lots of love.

It's said to not go looking for a horse until you have the resources to purchase it.  I know that's good advice but I'm hoping someone out there has a horse they love but no longer use and all they want is to make sure it goes to a good home.  That would be me.

One can always dream.  And right now that's all I've got...


  1. I am so sorry about Bob - that is just awful. Hope you find a way that works to get your horse fix.

  2. This is just terrible news. I'm so Gerry sorry. You've had a very difficult journey, I hope you find a horse that suits your needs. There are so many that need homes these days.

  3. I've been reading 50+ for awhile now and I see you have taken super care of your horses.

    I have a gorgeous 16hh, bay, 16 year young standardbred mare that love trail & I know you would love her to pieces.
    If you were able to come up with a way to get her from Mb, Canada to you, I would be happy to see her with you.

  4. i'm so sorry. you're going thru what i went thru 2 years ago but couldn't blog about it so people kept asking me why i'm not riding him. it was just too painful to talk about. i still have him, of course, going on 24 years (i got him when he was 3). he's my first and only horse. i am looking for another, but have had no luck in finding anything. also i'll need to take out a loan to be able to afford an arabian horse in germany. *sigh* arthritis took my dog when i was young, it took my horse, and i fully expect it to take me out of commission someday. you mentioned dreaming, the daydreams are fun, but the nighttime ones have been surprising me lately. twice this week i dreamt i rode baasha again, and it was such a wonderful feeling to be at home again, on his back.

  5. OH NO! I was hoping you could still do light riding. I will keep my ears open, I know that when you are "LOOKING" you never try not to look to hard. Always keep your eyes open though....that perfect horse WILL Come your way! I just know it!

  6. I'm touched and honored Venom, of your offer. Unfortunately it's a bit too far for me to go and I need a Gelding. The neighbor breeds horses. She has two stallions who, without going into great detail, get out and wander, ending out at our place quite often. Again, thanks so much for your generosity.