Thursday, February 7, 2013

Second Trim

Last week Bob had his second trim by his new shoer.  While we waited I brushed him out as best I could and goofed around taking various pictures.  
I took the usual picture of him standing tied at the hitching post.  He always seems to have the same look on his face.  What do you think?
Last week...
Last August...

Last October...

After the hitching post picture we did some close ups:

There is a softness to Bob's eyes that never used to be there.

Perhaps the result of the road we've traveled.
Do you kiss your horse???
I do!
The shoer removed the wedges on Bob's front feet and told me that he's coming along nicely.  If I can get the weather to coordinate with someone being here at home, we will go for a ride!


  1. The first 3 shots are like some sort of department store mannequin. Different outfits for different seasons.

    Hope you get to ride the soft-eyed boy soon!


  2. I am excited to hear that the wedges helped. It gives me hope that they will work for me (well my mare) as well.
    He does have that same look in each picture.

  3. Good luck with the weather, the possibility of a ride, and of course, I kiss my horse (but I am also always aware of that 2000lb. sledge hammer they carry on the end of their neck)!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  4. Glad to hear Bob is doing well ! Lovely photos . If I had a horse again I would kiss him or her , I kiss the horses at the saddle club we belong to , we are their photographers lol ! Have a good day !

  5. Yeah!!! Love the purple halter on Bob!! I kept Reggis purple halter and now I know that it will look good on Beau... OH!!! I didnt tell you.... I have fallen for a brown haired boy!!! His name is Beau and he is 6yrs old. OMG!!! I am in love and he is so sweet.. I will post pics... So glad Bob is doing well!

  6. Someone wants called my Windy "the most photographed horse" and she may be right. I have so many pictures of the SAME pose!

    And yes, I kiss my horses. :)

  7. Oh YES! I kiss my horse all the time...and Buddy and Star! Yep! nottin' better!

  8. Oh yes! I kiss my horse all the time! And the donkey's! Nottin' better!

  9. I'm glad Bob is doing so well. Most definitely kiss my horses. Enjoy the ride when you get time.

  10. Not sure what is going on, but in my list I keep seeing that you have new posts, but when I go to read them, they aren't there. Now my curiosity is up and I can't wait to read the story.

  11. Yes I kiss mine too!! Bob looks happy. :D I'm glad his hooves are coming along nicely.