Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something in the Way He Moves

It's been interesting to watch Prince return to his former self.  Due to his round eyes, we started calling him Mr. Peabody, after the cartoon character.  His nickname is now Peeb.
Peeb has become the boss of the herd.  Bob, who has a personality of uncertainty, turns to Peeb for all the decisions.  Peeb is a kind boss but has his limits - like when Bob sticks his head in Peeb's rear end during grain time.  Peeb's response is a squeal and a good strong kick.  (Bob has gotten the message.)
Yet Peeb is well behaved and tolerant with humans working around him.  He picks up his feet, stands quietly when tied and leads like a dream.  I've only lunged him once but can tell he's been there before.

Just like Bob, Peeb shows a keen interest towards cows.  I suspect he's met them before.

When Peeb first came to us in skin and bones he could only walk slowly in the fields.  But as he's gained weight his paces have returned.  He has a nice slow, smooth trot.  But yesterday was the first time I got to see him lope for more than a few paces.  It was beautiful - slow and collected.  It put a big smile on my face. 

Something in the way he moves has me thinking Peeb is going to be a great ride.  Now if the weather would only cooperate!


  1. Wonderful to hear and see he is doing well and him and Bob get along . Sounds like you have to wonderful horses there ! Have a good day !

  2. There is little better than a stable herd. (Pun intended)