Sunday, March 17, 2013

Waiting and Rewards

This past Friday marked a month since we brought Elvis home.  Yet as of this writing, I still don't have a saddle for him.

Elvis and my first ride, using Bob's saddle.  I was disappointed to find that my comfy, well balanced saddle that sits so nicely on Bob pitched me forward and off balance on Elvis.  I was sure hoping it would fit and I wouldn't have to spend money for another saddle.  But after one ride I knew I never wanted to feel that uncomfortable again.  I'm sure Elvis agreed.

I returned with a saddle from our local tack store, which we used to own years ago.  It looked nice on Elvis...but

Within minutes of riding it was obvious this saddle also didn't fit.  Like Bob's saddle, it slid back, pitched forward and sunk down on Elvis's withers.

We took multiple pictures of Elvis and I headed back to the tack store in search of a saddle that fit.  No luck.

The story of Elvis and my dilemma circulated through the barn. My Cowgirl Pals stepped up and offered me their saddles to try out - bless them all!  And there my search ended.  Every Timberline saddle I tried on Elvis fit - because I had the ability to make additional adjustments to the rigging. 

I've been able to use my Frainer's saddle during lessons while I searched for a used Timberline which I located a few weeks ago. 

With each lesson comes more knowledge of how Elvis moves (and thinks) under saddle. And with that knowledge comes a thrill I haven't experienced since riding Champ, the talented show horse we lost a few years ago and who prompted me to start this Blog.

It's hard to wait but I know the rewards will be worth it.


  1. I know the feeling all to well. Im so glad things are going better. Things are getting better here too!

  2. You ARE right girlfriend!! The wait IS worth it!

  3. So glad things are getting better for you...things here are better too...

  4. I'm glad you found one that works for him! I hope you get your new saddle soon! I'm so happy you found Elvis and that he's working out so well for you. :D