Friday, March 1, 2013

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Elvis and I are getting along great, but we've had some obstacles in our way that have made it a bit frustrating.

The day after Elvis arrived I noticed a loose shoe.  Called the shoer but he couldn't get there until Tuesday afternoon.  The shoe was pretty loose but I didn't want to pull it and take any chance of damaging the hoof (we rarely pull shoes on our own).  As a result, Elvis spent Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday either in his stall or getting 'beauty treatments' at the wash rack.

With new shoes on, I finally got a chance to take my first ride with my trainer on Thursday.  I decided to try using Bob's saddle from home, hoping I wouldn't have to buy one.

My trainer rode first while I observed.  It didn't take long for us to both realize that Bob's saddle didn't fit.  It slid backwards and dropped down over Elvis's withers.  When I got on I found myself off balance and pitched forward over the poor guy's neck.

My trainer snapped this picture and you can see that neither of us is enjoying our ride. much for using Bob's saddle! 

My husband and I went to our local tack store (Mike's Western Suppliers) in search of a saddle for Elvis.  I took the above picture (vs having to pull the trailer out and haul Elvis to the shop).  Mike suggested we try out the following saddle:

We returned to the barn to try the saddle on and realized this is a saddle we used to own about ten years ago before we traded it in to Mike.  We thought that was pretty funny to have it back again.

But after taking a ride it was obvious that this saddle also didn't fit.  I returned the saddle to Mike who without any other used saddles, ordered me a new one.

This is where I had planned on stopping this Post, with what goes around, comes around and goes back around again - but...

Yesterday my trainer and I decided to try her saddle out and low and behold it fit great!  I finally got in a great ride.  I returned to Mike's to find there was a used saddle of her brand sitting on the rack.  That saddle now is sitting in my car.  I'll try it out this weekend.

In closing Elvis has settled down nicely.  He is probably the best trained horse I've ever ridden.  He's also quiet, willing and happy, especially when he's being worked.  I've come to realize that at the age of 7 he doesn't carry a lot of the baggage that older horses I've always (thought I) preferred do.  He comes with a clean slate and its incumbent upon me to make sure the experiences placed in front of him are positive. 

We are signed up for a trail clinic in April.  In the meantime, once I get the saddle thing figured out I will ride him in both the indoor and outdoor arena (weather permitting) as well as along the trails at the barn. 

In closing, I adore him and think we are going to be a great team!


  1. I LOVE this post! I'm so happy for you both!!

  2. That's awesome you found a saddle that fit's perfectly and to see and try a saddle you had years ago is funny strange how that happened though lol ! Glad all is going well for you and your horses ! Papa and I have a photo shoot to do tomorrow with a team of Belgians and a Dutch draft doing what they like to do plowing going to be a fun day. Have a good day !

  3. I couldn't agree more. Although my husband and I are both on "your" side of 50, too, when we found ourselves looking for a horse after we lost his Ginger, we really wanted one in the 3 to 5 year range. We've learned thru the years that sending them to a trainer when they are young and being taught right is better than finding an older one that may have baggage or we could have communication issues with. Our Fancy was just 4 when we found her and what a gem. We are sending her to the trainer for a couple weeks soon to have her work on the lateral moves so she has some of the same buttons Windy has. She has been a joy. Good luck with you new ride and anxious to see many new stories!

  4. What a sweet horse!

    We went with Tucker saddles for our horses. They're a bit more spendy but it was worth it. We actually brought our horses down to the tack store and had the guy measure them so we could make sure they were fit properly.

    They are the most comfortable saddles ever which make our long rides that much more enjoyable for us and the horses.

  5. YEAH!!! Congratulations. :-)

  6. How funny about the saddle being found again! Saddle fit is sooo important - to you and your horse. Glad things are working out in the horse scene; keep up the good work.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  7. That's so funny about the saddle! Glad you were able to find one that fit and I'm glad your having such a good time riding him!

  8. yay! What a cool post! So happy for you.