Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running. Home.

On February 15th I brought Elvis to a barn near my home.
The decision to board Elvis was based on the winter weather.  To be able to get us off in the right direction I needed an indoor arena to be able to ride.  I signed up for three lessons each week and did my best to get to the barn every day to check on Elvis. 
I had no idea how much going to the barn each day would cut into my life.  I soon found I had no quality time for any of the things I loved, like my family, horses at home, my part time job, friends or my blog.
The days got longer and the weather started to warm up.  Yet I found myself running - always running.  Trying to get from Point A to Point C each day was driving me nuts.
The constant running started to take a toll on me (as you can see from the dark circles under my eyes).
Something had to change.  So I made a decision.  With the warmer weather I would bring Elvis home, where I can walk outside and be with him vs driving to the barn.  Where he gets to be a horse and I now have the time to spend doing all the things I've missed since February 15th.

And with that decision made I felt better (and slept like a baby).  :)

So on Tuesday evening Elvis came home.  He spent his first night in the paddock.  Here he is looking at Bob and Prince.

And while Bob looked back at Elvis, Prince did what he always does...continues to eat.  That Prince never misses a beat.

How did they get along when I put them all together?  Ahhhh, that's another story.  But rest assured I can't wait to share our recent adventures. 

It's so nice to be finished running and be home!


  1. Good to have you back! And there is just something about being able to SEE your horses with your morning coffee.


  2. Running around a ton of different places is really frustrating! You're lucky you can bring him home :)

  3. I'm glad you got to bring him home! :D I can't wait to hear how they all got along. Evil cliffhanger hehe.

  4. Oh, I hate introducing a new horse to the herd. Hope it went well. Can't wait for an update!

  5. Glad you are back we missed you!

  6. So GLAD to have you back! Sure did miss you.