Saturday, March 15, 2014

Road Trip in Style

Tomorrow Elvis is going to his first Sorting event.  This is part of the training I've wanted him to have - exposure to new environments (he's never seen a cow), noise, lots of activity, etc.  Joining me in the truck will be my Frainer and two of my Cowgirl Pal's whose horses will ride with Elvis in our trailer.

We've hardly used the truck this winter.  We figured we haven't filled it up since December.  J and I took it to the car wash today to clean it up for tomorrow.

The truck looked so good after it was washed (we forgot how white it was) that we went home, hooked up the horse trailer and drove back to the car wash.

With C home with us now our covered parking is limited.  For the first time in many years the trailer had to sit out all winter.  Thanks to J's elbow grease it's nice and white again.

J did a great job, didn't he?  But...what are those dark clouds in the sky?

A few hours later, as I write this the wind is blowing and it's pouring.  Heavy rains and are forecast tomorrow.  The trailer and truck may not sparkle like they did today but at least they are clean!


  1. Wish our trailer didn't have to sit outside either...have fun at the sorting event!

  2. With your drought, you probably should have thought to wash them MONTHS ago!


  3. Haha it always rains when I wash me vehicles! I can't wait to read about the sorting event. So exciting!