Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Ride at Home

As the day came closer to leaving the barn I'd boarded at for over four years, I'd began to look forward to having Poco home with us.  By the time last Saturday arrived I'd probably mentioned 100+ times how much I couldn't wait for the day to come where all of our horses would be living at home with us.

Last Saturday dawned sunny and clear, something we hadn't seen for a long time.  It was the dawning of the special day, the day to bring Poco home.  Mr. 50+ came with me to pick up Poco, who seemed as anxious to come home as we were to have him here.  He all but jumped into the horse trailer.

On Night #1, I put Poco in a stall, letting him get accumulated to his new world.  Sunday morning I slipped off his blanket and let him go out in his new pasture.  He ran and jumped like a baby, obviously happy to have the space and freedom to run.  It was a joy to watch.

Sunday afternoon I slipped Poco's halter on and took him with me on my daily walk.  I've been pretty good on keeping up on my walks.  I find myself enjoying them with so much to see along the way.

Poco wasn't too keen when we passed the neighbor's buffalo, who sauntered up to the fence out of curiosity.  However, since I do four laps on my walk (from my house to the end of my road and back); by the time we were on lap #3 Poco decided that they weren't such a big deal after all. 

I knew all would be ok when he exhaled his signature sigh that all is well (I love it when he does that).  After our walk I gave him the rest of the day to continue to get accustomed to his new sites and sounds.

Yesterday morning was "first ride day" and I couldn't wait!  I was up early to face cloudy skies and a forecast of rain for the rest of this week.  I'm pleased to find that when Poco spots me coming to the barn he comes across the pasture to greet me.  Sure makes it easy to catch!

I saddled Poco up and snapped the above picture with my cell phone.  I was so amped to ride that I didn't want to waste any time by going back inside to get my camera.

I started out by taking Poco on my daily walk once more.  The buffalo still initially concerned him, but not for very long.  The Stallion and Mares that live next door charged their fence but didn't concern Poco one bit. 

The neighbor's little dog came thru the bottom of their fence and barked and tried to hassel my dog, Hank, who also accompanies me on my walks.  None of this bothered Poco (nor Hank) one bit and soon the aggressive dog decided it really wasn't worth her trouble and left us alone.

My ride was just as I hoped it would be.  I've never ridden and had my dog with me.  I was worried Hank would get excited and bark at us.  But Hank didn't even blink his brown Lab eyes when I hopped on.  It appears Poco has been around dogs in his past life and I can tell he actually likes Hank's presence, so off we went down the same route we'd just walked. 

Oh the joy!  The fresh air in my face, my dog at my side, my horse happy as could be, the freedom of riding outside, it was pure bliss.

My first ride on Poco at home is now behind me.  I look forward to many more rides and know now that I was so very right to decide to leave the barn and bring Poco home where he is free to be a horse and be loved on by this family.


  1. That sounds wonderful glad Poco is home with you now, I must of missed some thing ? if you dont mind, if you have the space why were you boarding ! Have a great day !

  2. I just love it when you have a good ride! I know which cloud you are walking on, I have walked on it a few times! Keep it up!

  3. Yipee!! How wonderful. I am so happy for you and Poco. Ride on!

  4. How absolutely wonderful! I dream of the day that I can bring my girl home.

  5. Hi Country Gal! You ask a good question. To answer your question requires me to explain the journey I've been on.

    With Poco now at home, it's a good time for me to do a Post on where I've been and where I'm going, so stay tuned. 50+

  6. That is so fantastic! I'm so glad Poco is home with you and you are all so happy. Enjoy your rides together. :)

  7. Poco has a very handsome coat, and how good he is home with you. He adjusted very quickly to the move.