Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snotty Saddle Bums

First, thanks to all who commented on my Post regarding the loss of Bear who left us peacefully without any drama.  Today is a new day and although we find ourselves sad about Bear's loss we also feel a weight has been lifted because he is no longer uncomfortable.

When I purchased Bob last May, I put our Belgians, Gus and Bear, into a pasture together.  I then put Poco and Bob, our saddle horses - or as my husband likes to call them, "The Saddle Bums", into a different pasture.  Since that time our horses have each lived with a buddy.

Gus had paid no attention during yesterday's event with Bear, quietly eating hay out of the loafing shed feeder instead of wondering what was going on with his buddy.  Recently we had noted that Gus was aloof around Sunny.  Perhaps he knew what was to come.

After Bear left us we had haltered Gus up and brought him out to say goodbye to Bear.  This is something we have always done with our horses after their buddy is gone.  We believe it's important for them to say goodbye to their good friend and find closure.  Some people think it's silly, but I firmly believe that it makes a different.

After allowing Gus to say his farewells it was now time for us to move on.  We led Gus into the large pasture that the Saddle Bums have been using.  Although Gus and Poco have been good friends, Gus had not been in a pasture with Bob before although they've been fence mates.  If any altercations were to occur we knew there was plenty of room to escape until everybody settled down.

The usual meetings and greetings took place with Bob and Gus smelling each other along with a bit of pomp and circumstance, but that was all.  Gus was happy to quietly graze.  It would be interesting to see who became the alpha.  This morning all was well, but:

Those Snotty Saddle Bums.  Can you see them talking about Gus behind his back?

Whisper, whisper, whisper.

Gossip, gossip, gossip.

Us gossiping?  No, Uh Uh!  That wasn't US Saddle Bums!

Daaaaaaaaad!  Tell them to quit saying mean things about me!!!

It's Ok Gus.  Sticks and Stones (and your weight) could break their bones.  Saddle Bums that are Snotty don't get carrots but Belgians that are nice do.

No carrots??!!!!


  1. That's funny. You can REALLY hear them!


  2. What a pretty boy Gus is; love that forelock! No wonder they were gossiping, although the saddle bums are no slouches either.

  3. It's tough being the new kid in the pasture. But at least he is too big to beat up!

  4. Gus is totally adorable! I feel bad that he does not have his buddy anymore. But somehow, i think he will put those saddle bums in there place soon! LOL