Monday, October 3, 2011

Blessed Days

They arrive in the fall.  The temperatures have cooled down and the winds that will rob us of power have yet to arrive.  They are the icing on the cake, the cream on the top, the best days of the year for riding.

My riding pal Haley and I came up with the name Blessed Days (or BDs) when I used to board with her.  We had frozen in the winters, been soaked in the springs and sweated (and swatted bugs) in the summer.  But each year when fall arrived we discovered the perfect riding weather. 

I still haul in to ride with Haley whenever I get a chance.  Last Wednesday when I awoke to find a sunny, crisp fall day, I called to tell her what she already knew - it was a BD.  Didn't take us long to put our day's priorities down and arrange to meet for a ride.

On this particular BD, Haley and I rode indoors because the outdoor arena was muddy (from the prior non-BD).  As usual we worked our horses in silence and then rode side by side to discuss whatever came into our minds.  We always have the most unusual and hilarious conversations.

To cool our horses off, we took them for a walk around the property, still jabbering about this and that, laughing all the way.

BD's are full of deep blue sky.  Haley and her horse Harley D in the background.

I can hear them, "Sigh.  Do we really have to do this?"

I can't believe I've had Bob for four months.  We have really bonded and I'm grateful to have found him - he is a gem.

Haley and Harley D.  Harley used to be a circus horse.  He can do all sorts of cool tricks.

Blessed Days don't last very long so it's important to stop and enjoy them when they come along.  They give us something to remember for the rest of the year.


  1. Wonderful photos . Does Harley D stand for Harley Davidson like the motor bike cause if it is thats the name of our cat cause she purrs like one lol and I love Harley Davidison motorbikes have for years lol. I love fall the cool nights and sunny days are wonderful. Have a great eve.

  2. I love this weather too for riding. Its beautiful here in New England with the leaves starting to turn. I want to go on a trail ride but not yet ready for that.

  3. Those pictures are beautiful! I'm in Australia and the weather over here is just starting to warm up! I can't wait for summer. You and Bob look like a good match =)

    A circus horse? That's actually really interesting lol, he looks like a tall boy!

    You've won an award on my blog =)