Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life Happens

Thursday....A week ago sure does seem like a long time ago.  A week ago today, I had the Vet out to give Dentals to Poco and Bob.  I had booster shots given to Gus, Bob and Poco.  It was a costly venture to do during the holidays but Bob was in need of a dental so I went ahead and had both horses done, with the thought that both would be in fine riding form afterwards.

Friday....I discovered, thanks to Mrs. Cravitz's Post on losing her horse Poncho, that what looked ok out in the pasture wasn't.  Her initial description of Poncho's initial signs of distress mirrored how Bob was acting. 

I discovered Bob in what the Vet referred to as Stage 2 Colic.  He was still drinking a small amount of water and had done a #2, but was running a high fever.  He was having a reaction to the booster shots.  A dose of Benamine, a night inside a stall without food (where we could check water intake and "output") resulted in a sleepless night for my husband and I.

Saturday...the low 20 degree dawn reflected Bob with a normal fever and looking/acting better.  We spent that day looking out the widow every half hour or so to make sure all was well.  I was so exhausted by the event that I passed on the yearly evening Christmas Parade in town, something we always look forward to attending.

Sunday...Well, I guess if you read my Posts, you already know about Sunday.  Another visit from the Vet and the pickup of our loved horse, resulted in about the same cost as Thursday's visit for dentals and shots. 


Monday...kinda in a daze I guess, I didn't notice anything odd in the kitchen until dinner time when I went to open the fridge and found the food inside wasn't cold.  Our fridge had died.


Tuesday and Wednesday...fridge shopping, getting what I want for the best price. 

Thursday (today)....fridge is purchased but won't arrive for 7 days.  I'm thankful for the one out in our garage...

I'm one who prefers to look at the glass of life as half full but this last week has been a test of that philosophy.  There's a saying that things come in Threes...hopefully we're finished.

Life happens...


  1. You have had the worst run of luck of anyone I've seen in a long time. I'm so very sorry for everything that's happened, in just the past week. The fridge is just unbelievable. Good thing you've got a spare, that was a blessing.
    I'll be praying your luck turns around. I do believe in the "threes" and that's enough!

  2. Life happens, but it sure stinks when it happens like that. Hopefully things are on the up-swing. I think you've reached your threes and then some.

  3. Yes, LIfe happens, and you know what? It is hard to take when it is dished all up on ONE PLATE! I hope your luck turns around, and most of ALL, I hope BOB is ok! You are in my prayers!

  4. Yes, I've heard the saying too and I'm praying that your run of bad luck has come to an end. Hang in there, because it will pass. If you need anything let us know. I'm glad Bob is okay. Give him hugs from us please.