Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

Seven months ago.

We had an ice storm.

The popping and cracking of trees around us sounded like gunshots.  We put Gus and Bob in stalls.  There they remained for five days.  They were not pleased with this (but they were safe).

The damage around us was incredible.  Tree limbs and branches were everywhere.

Before the ice storm we had already encountered multiple power outages lasting two or three days each.  But this storm took us to a new limit of no power (or water) for six days.  The "twins" (Honda 2500 generators) kept our fridge/freezer and lights working.  It ran our water shortly (twice a day).  The "twins" even allowed us to watch TV, giving us (a short) but comforting false reality that life was normal.

Extension cords from "the twins" ran through our house.  The wood stove was our only source of heat.  To keep us warm we closed off the dining and living room by hanging wool blankets over their entry ways.  By doing this we were able to keep the rest of our house (and bathrooms) warm and prevent pipes from breaking. 

We went through a lot of firewood last winter.

Spring arrived and the trees (still standing) came back.

Even if some of them look kinda goofy.

The road to our house has been lined with debris from the ice storm.  Firewood all there for the taking - for anybody who wants to cut it up and haul it home. 

So August and 85+ temperatures, that's what we did.

It's a good feeling to have the dry wood stacked and stored.  As odd as it may sound, it's time to start getting ready for winter.


  1. NOOOOO! I don't want to get ready for winter. It's been so hot all summer,haven't even done anything fun yet. Guess I had better get going. Can't wait to hear how Bob is doing.

  2. It's always time to get ready for winter.