Friday, August 10, 2012

Playing With My iPhone

Today I did what one is not supposed to do.

I played with the camera on my iPhone while I was driving!


Actually, I only played with it when I was on my own road where no other cars are around.


The road to our house.

I turned the camera behind my head and blindly took this picture.  Did pretty good, huh?  :)  Unless the weather is too hot, Hank The Dog travels with me.

I drive onto our property to find Bob happily grazing in one of our three pastures.  It was a long, wet spring and our fields are still green.  Rare for August.

I've been spending a lot of time with Bob.  He comes to me when I call his name or whistle.  I had just whistled out of my car window when I took this picture.  It felt good to see him recognize me and head my way.

But the temptation of the sweet grass was just too good to pass up and he continued to peacefully graze.

More on Bob soon.

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  1. Ssssshhhhh....don't tell but I do the same thing, on a quiet road where no one else is!
    Good pics!