Saturday, November 3, 2012

A New Friend for Bob

It's been almost 24 hours since I brought Bob's new friend home.  Last night in pouring rain I left him tucked in the foaling stall with a good dinner and access to the paddock.  When I came into the house and got settled down I did something I don't usually do - I broke into tears over what I'd just experienced. 

The other horses living with my new horse had been fat and sleek as seals.  Yet my horse was a bag of bones with bloody bites on his side.  "The Stallion attacked him".

Obviously my new horse hadn't been given the attention that the other horses had and I can only figure out that being the x-boyfriends, he must have fallen out of favor.  How could someone hold a grudge against a horse?!!!  I cried for what this once beautiful horse had endured.  Then I dried my eyes, wrote yesterday's Post (and felt much better).

This morning was a new day.  I opened the barn door, a bit worried over what I might find.  I was happy to see the new guy pacing in the stall and ready for breakfast.  I fed, brushed him and went to check on Bob.

As for Bob, I just have to grin.  After being alone for 8 months, he is beside himself that he has a new friend.  The look of amazement on his face when the new guy stepped out of the trailer last night was both priceless and sad.  I'm so glad that he now has a friend.

I returned to the house to let the "boys" eat.  The first order of business was to call my shoer to have him come out and address the new guy's feet.  Then it was to name this new horse.  I refuse to use his former name.  His new life started last night and with it comes a new name.

I will need the blessing of my family but I'm thinking of naming him Prince.  Why Prince?  Because he comes across as Noble and went overnight from a Pauper to a Prince.

Meet (the still to be confirmed by my family) Prince:


As I write this both horses graze across a fence in separate pastures.  I will put them together in a few hours but still separate them at feeding time so that Prince can get the grain and supplements he will need for his road back to full recovery.

Welcome Home!


  1. Prince, you are NOW one lucky dog. Err, pony.


  2. He is handsome ! I am so glad he is with you guys . I know he will be soo happy and loved . I do hope the boy's get a long well ! Looking forward to post all about these two ! Have a good weekend !

  3. I love it. He DOES look thin though. Poor guy! I'm glad you picked him up and I'm glad Bob has a companion. Horses do really need that.
    Can't wait to see more!

  4. awww what a lucky boy to have you in his life now.

  5. A pauper no more! Blessings to you for rescuing this poor boy and leading him to a wonderful life. Wishing you many years of joy with him and Bob.

  6. Bless your horsey lovin heart! Since I can't hug you in person, consider yourself cyber hugged. Awesome

  7. Prince is one lucky guy! I too, look forward to many posts about Bob and Prince!

    I think "Prince" is a very good name. I hope the family does too!

  8. This is such great news, for you, for Prince and for Bob! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for palominos, he's going to be a beauty! Good luck with everything.