Friday, November 2, 2012

Word Verification - Ugh!!!

Ugh!  So many good Posts coming out of my Follower's Blog but for the last two days I haven't been able to leave comments on Blogs where word verification is turned on.  Each time I enter the letters (and I've confirmed numerous times that they are correct), I get an error saying they are incorrect.

Very frustrating.  :(

I've emailed about the issue but am not sure what type of response I'll get back (if any).

Anybody else out there having/had this issue?

My word verification is turned off.  You might want to also consider doing the same.


  1. It is frustrating ! I do not have it on either . Lots of bloggers don't realize that having it on slows down the amount of followers they could have , even with mu glasses om for the computer I cant make out the scribble of vitrifaction words ! I have my comments go through my e-mail so I can moderate them . Hope you can get through to their blogs . Have a good day !

  2. I hate word verifications, I have often wondered if mine has that or not. I sure hope not. If so (and I guess I won't know till someone tells me)I will have to find out how to change it.

    Hope Bob is settling back in and happy to be home!

  3. I turned it off a couple months ago. Now I just have to screen out the-

    "I find your article most illuminating. Please go to my website at www.buystupidjunk.con"

    But it's okay. They are usually good for a laugh.


  4. I despise those word verifications! I will go to make a comment, and there it is! Big! BOLD! And so NOT user friendly! Most times it won't let me leave a comment, and they are so hard to read, that I will just quietly walk away and never leave a comment. I do not have them on my blog, and really see no reason for it! You can always moderate, and delete anything that comes up.