Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve - A Change In Perspective

Christmas Eve and a change in perspective...It wasn't supposed to be a Post I'd write today.

I got up early today, trying to be calm and unstressed because I put off wrapping a single present and here it was, Christmas Eve.  I found myself very focused on every move I made.  No time to waste movements today!

I wrapped until early afternoon but still wasn't finished.  Yet I had to stop.  I told my husband that we must go to town NOW, to the grocery store before it got crazier than it probably already was (it was).

As we headed down our private road J suddenly stopped the car, jumped out and started running.  I was immediately irritated as in, "What the HECK are you doing?!!!  We NEED TO GET TO THE GROCERY STORE NOW".

And then I heard the screams....

Our neighbor across the fence line was screaming out to us in agony.  He had flipped his Rhino and was trapped underneath.  He was soaking wet and in shock.  Home alone, he had been there for hours in the 38 degree rain.

I grabbed my phone and ran after my husband.  The neighbor's foot was trapped under his rig.  My husband, a big guy, was able to lift the rig up and free the leg but we didn't have the manpower to push the rig upright.

As I ran to the scene I pulled off my cozy fleece jacket and we got it on the neighbor.  Unfortunately, as I did so the neighbor's dog thought I was being aggressive and bit me in the rear.

Fire arrived and with my husband's help they got the rig upright.  Medics took it from there and with my jacket still on him we returned to the house to get me another one. 

Finally we were off to the grocery store but suddenly it wasn't a big deal.  We found ourselves deflated and going with the flow for the rest of the day.  A day which turned out to be lovely.

The neighbor's family brought my jacket back tonight with mighty thanks for our coming upon their son, who has a broken leg.

Evening and dinner were spent with C and the Christmas tree in the "new" living room, listening to music, talking and relaxing.  Our event today sure turned our entire day around...not that I'd like to have that happen again soon!


  1. Guardian Angels, they are truly everywhere, and this time they were you and your husband. So very glad you were there.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. What a blessing, and good reminder of how much we need one another. Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, sounds like a crazy day--and not in the way that you intended. :/