Thursday, December 20, 2012

Waiting Out Winter

When I reflect on the most asked question I've received from readers/family and friends in 2012 it has to be, "How is Bob?"

I will forever remember 2012 as the year of I can't ride/I can ride/I can't ride...Bob. 

I'm aware that this has been a source of frustration to many of my friends who, bless their hearts, have missed my companionship on horseback.  But there is nobody who has felt worse about the on-again/off-again reports than the woman who is writing this Post.

I'm not going to go back into the history of 2012 and the journey Bob and I have been through together.  It's all here in my Posts. 

I will pick up where we last left, with my new shoer coming to start the process of reconfiguring Bob's feet, shod in the past so long that they were a cause of his tripping/stumbling/falling.  And me anxiously awaiting his visit so that I could return to riding Bob.

My (new) shoer arrived and all went well.  But he was concerned about how long Bob's feet were.  He termed them "extremely long".  When I told him I hoped to start riding Bob lightly after this first visit he advised me to wait. 

He told me that it will take at least three trims before Bob's feet are where we can ride without issues.  That means the end of March; i.e., Spring. there I went again, thinking I was going to start riding Bob only to determine that isn't going to happen right away.

On the bright side, I'm not much of a cold weather rider these days since I need to invest in some winter riding gear. 

So I will wait out winter and look forward to riding Bob in the warmer spring weather!  In the meantime, I have Prince to think about (more on him in my next Post).


  1. some things are worth the wait.

  2. Enough with the horses already. How's the wallpaper in the family room going?



  3. I was wondering about Prince and if he is a riding horse. Can't wait to hear more!

  4. Re: Family room wallpaper...first project in 2013! Only one wall needs to come down...piece of cake! :)

  5. Prince IS going to be an awesome riding horse. Will update after I get some presents wrapped (haven't even started yet)...


  6. Gosh, so sorry about your disappointing news from the farrier. :(
    Bet you can't wait until spring, though! :D