Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Our adventure on Christmas Eve really shook J and I up.

There we were all stressed about getting to town and the grocery store before it got (more) crowded so we could hurry back home to finish wrapping when we'd come upon our neighbor, on the other side of our road/fence line, trapped underneath his Rhino.

The neighbor, without a shirt, only in sweats and slippers, had jumped into his rig to go check the mail at the end of his road which is down 10 acres on the other side of his property.  I'm sure he thought he'd only be gone for a few minutes.

While backing up he'd turned too quickly and the rig had gone over.  His leg had been pinned and seriously broken.  It will require surgery in the upcoming week.

While we'd been cozy in our home wrapping packages and looking at the rain/snow mix outside, he'd been out in the weather, trapped and unable to move.  We only came upon him as we drove down our road to the store.  J happened to look out across the fence line to the neighbor's house and see the rig turned over.  That was over two hours after he'd flipped it.

The day took on a different color after our experience.  Getting to the store and beating it back to finish wrapping wasn't important after fire/aid arrived and we left the scene.  And because we'd had a good dose of reality, the rest of the day and every day since have been like a golden miracle we are grateful to have.

Both of us have noted that we initially had some trouble sleeping afterwards.  We've discussed the event often as it still pings around in our heads.  But one thing that stands out since that day is, don't sweat the small stuff. 

And we don't.


  1. We need these reminders, things that drive home the point that so little of what we fuss and fume about are absolutely trivial and not worth our anxiety.

    He is very lucky you both had errands to run, ironically it was a trivial activity that helped save him!

    Does he live alone? Did no one note he was missing?

  2. Reading your posts on this is amazing. A real Christmas miracle.
    makes me think of some advice my Grandpa gave me 40+ years ago. If you step out your front door, dress like you won't be going back in. And if you get in your car, dress like you will be walking home.

    Don't sweat the small stuff, indeed. (But don't do the small stuff in sweats, either!)


  3. Experiences like that usually give you a much different perspective on life--at least, for a little while. Glad your neighbor is ok beyond a broken leg and being shook up. Much worse, I'm sure, could have happened. :/

  4. Oh how scary . Hope your neighbor is all right ! Yup no crying over a little spilled milk ! Hope you had a good Christmas and Have a Happy New Year !

  5. Wow, that's a Christmas story to remember. Definitely a reminder to not sweat the small stuff...a concept I know that I really need to take into the new year.