Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Long Ago and Far Away

Long ago and far away I wrote my last Post.  Since that time much has happened.

Yes, I'm sad to report that we did put Prince down.  As always, it was bitter sweet.  We are so very happy we had an opportunity to rescue and have him be part of our family.  But he was failing quickly.  We keep our chins up knowing he's in a better place now.

In July I took a leap and returned to the workforce as a contractor where I used to work.  I took this picture on my first morning before I headed to work.  Just looking at this picture and recalling that early morning, I get the horrible gut feeling (I had on the day above) about returning to work.  I knew on that morning I'd made a mistake in giving up the "retired" life I'd loved for over four years.

And indeed to make things worse, they didn't go well from day one and for the first time in my life I quit my (first and probably last) job (and don't plan to make this mistake again).

It is absolutely glorious to have my "old" life back and to have the chance to sit down today and have time to write a Post.

I just went out to take these pictures and put on "Party Hats" (fly masks).  Elvis and Bob are together in the large summer pasture.  With only two horses there is no longer an issue of having to separate three horses (because when the three were together there were fights).  Elvis is always the first to come when I go out in the pasture.

Bob catches up, but you can see Elvis's chest to the right.  They are so funny, they gently argue with each other when I'm around and push each other out of the way to be closest to me.

Elvis has intercepted me and Bob is now in the background.  Trying to get their Party Hats on and not step on any road apples is tricky.

Party Hats finally on, Elvis moves off to graze.  Yet Bob's not sure if he should join him or stay with me.

When Bob finally realizes I'm not going to do anything but just stand there he loses interest.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the above pictures "The Boys" are pretty plump.  I haven't worked either of these guys for some time.  I'm just not an 85/90+ degree horse person and that's pretty much what our temps have been, not to mention lack of time due to my 30-day career.  However, the career is over and we are about finished with the warm weather so lunging/riding are right around the corner.

Thanks to all who have checked in with me during my "absence".  I hope Long Ago and Far Away will be things of the past and writing more Posts will be the future.  :)