Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Saturdays are now about Elvis, C and I hauling down to the Double Star Ranch for our weekly lesson.

I enjoy loading the trailer in preparation of our day together.  I find that after years of being a Show Mom, the task of loading the trailer comes naturally and brings back lots of happy memories.

If there's one thing I've learned about Elvis it's that he loves repetition.

The Double Star is a huge farm.  They raise and winter Thoroughbreds.  Our arrival in the trailer is always met with many horses calling out their greetings and/or running around in excitement.

The hands on from Elvis and my daily walks to/from our barn to the front summer pasture have done us well.  He leads like butter and although curious about all the activity upon our arrival, he is calm and steady.

C's first time up on Elvis reminded me of someone who hadn't ridden a bike in a long time.  Initially it was a bit awkward and off balance.  But within minutes it all came back to her.  What a special moment it was!  Her posture and balance returned and her timing clicked into place.

C and I work together on our weekly trip.  There is no need to discuss who does this or who does that as we travel, unload, saddle up, ride, unsaddle, load back up, etc.  Just like loading the tack in the trailer, the other tasks come naturally.

C usually rides first and I follow second.  We are taking two hour lessons which allows us to relax and really focus on whatever concept we're working on.

Elvis is still out of shape (although getting better).  He's worn out by the time we finish.  But before we leave he gets a nice warm bath as a reward for his efforts and just like repetition, Elvis loves being pampered.

We're hoping to board Elvis at the Double Star as winter weather sets in and the roads get crummy. Also looking at the future and another horse to join Elvis so that C and I can ride together.  And Horse shows are definitely part of our plan!