Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Routine 2015

It's been a warm, dry summer of 2015.



We have multiple fires burning on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.

Sometimes the smoke drifts over the mountains, limiting visibility and burning our eyes.  Many have lost their homes, ranches and livestock.  Many don't know if their places will be there tomorrow.
It's a rough time for Washington State...

Elvis is still our only horse.

Due to fire danger I've been putting him in the foaling stall/paddock each night so he's easy to reach should we have to leave.

Each morning I refill the front pasture water tank and take my walk with Hank and Hobo, our barn cat.  On my return I go to the barn to get Elvis - who always greets me with whinnies and nickers.

I add his cologne (bug spray) and put on his party hat (fly mask) and lead him down to the front pasture gate where I turn him out for the day.

In the evenings, after cleaning his stall, water tank and putting his dinner out, I repeat the routine of bringing him back.

This routine has become a special time which we both enjoy.  An added plus is that My Boy now drops his head for the party hat and leads like creamy butter.  :)

Elvis is one of those horses you can pull out of the pasture and with a bit of ground work, have a great ride.  But I haven't ridden Elvis a lot this summer.  I've been bothered by a sore shoulder and when the temp gets up towards 90 degrees I don't think either of us enjoy riding.

Elvis is an easy keeper - too easy.  I've struggled with weight issues and wanting him to be out in the pasture all day.  I tried a grazing muzzle.  By placing a few pieces of carrots in it before I put it on I soon had a very cooperative horse more than willing to put on his muzzle.  All I have to do it pick up the muzzle and Elvis is trying to put it on.

The muzzle worked well and Elvis lost his "fat".  The rich grass has turned brown and dry and Elvis is now off the muzzle and maintaining his lower weight.  I'll use the muzzle again next spring and avoid the issue and danger of weight gain.

Our summer routine has been low key and lazy.  But fall is around the corner and arrives some new opportunities.

My Frainer will be working out of a different barn very close to our place.  It's the barn where C rode Champ, now ten years ago!  This barn holds many fond memories.  Elvis and I plan to take the 5 minute drive down to ride with My Frainer.

C and I have also reconnected with a friend who used to show paints with C.  She's probably 7 minutes away.  I plan to also ride with her.  C may join us.

A new horse may be on the horizon...