Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Looking at the Future

For the first time that I can recall, we are a one-horse family.

I find myself questioning getting more horses.  There is a cost to having a little herd of horses (duh). I've budgeted and planned in order to have (purchased and rescued) horses - making sure their health, feed and living conditions were always the best that I could provide.

But in doing so I've had to pass on other items here that need attention - like replacing old furniture, carpet, etc.  I guess it comes down to what one's priorities are and I guess right now as I approach my 61st birthday, I'm revisiting mine.

The fact is, I'm the only one in the family who rides and I have come to realize that I don't ride as often as I used to.

I had grand plans a few years ago of having two good riding horses.  I found Poco (on the left), one of the most steady/eddy, well broke horses I've ever owned.  He joined Bob here at home.  They got along great.

I called my friends, "Come ride with me!"  I was surprised to find everybody was busy doing something else.  Nobody was interested in joining me.  Nobody ever came out to experience a great ride on Sweet Poco.

I asked my family.  Same situation.  Although they enjoy the horses, neither of them was interested in joining me on a ride.

So I rode Poco.

And I rode Bob.

I even rode our "ornamental" Belgian Draft, Bear.

I hauled places.

And I boarded.

But these days I find myself not willing to ride at home alone, not enjoying riding in 80+ temps (which we've had a lot of), not wanting to expend the resources to join in some of the Cowgirl games that I have in the past.  These days I find myself busy and choosing other priorities besides riding.

I think I need a "jump start" of my battery!  I have one of the most talented, best trained, sweetest horses out in my pasture.  I have five acres of rolling pastures.  I guess I wish more than anything I had someone here to ride with.

My husband has mentioned "down the road" he might like to ride again and has also talked about taking some lessons.  If that should happen I'm thinking lessons on Elvis would be a good way to start for him.  But I don't think this constitutes getting another horse right now.  We can share Elvis and if husband decides he wants to pursue riding further, we can re-visit another horse at that time.

What about you?  Do you find as you get older that your priorities are different?
What do you do to keep motivated?  I'd sure love to hear from you on this subject.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Truck

I write this at the dining room table.

My view allows me to see anybody coming up the drive on their way to our house.

I want to make sure I don't miss who is about to arrive.

Because I sit here waiting for the truck.

The truck that was only here a month ago.

It should not be here today.

But it is.

You may notice a change on my front page.  Someone has been removed from the line of pets I love...someone very special.

He lies out by the barn.

What can I say about the horse underneath that tarp?

He'd had a rough life before I met him.  With scars around his mouth and on his body, it was apparent that someone had laid a hard hand on him.  I used to raise my hand and he'd quiver in fear.  If I raised my voice he'd run.  I could never lunge him - it only amped him up.

It took him ages to trust me.  But once he did trust me, it was a strong and steady trust that never wavered.  From the day he accepted me, he'd visually track me each time he caught site of me, watching me steadily.

He allowed me to accomplish a dream I'd had since I was a child playing Cowboy - working cattle. Our first attempts were cumbersome because I tried to tell him what to do.  But once I figured out he knew more about this than I did, I'd merely point him at the cow, lean over and whisper, "Get him, Bob!" in his ear.  He did the rest.

We rode for a few years until his knees gave out.  I spent a considerable sum trying to rehab him to accept the fact that he was now a pasture pet.  And a good pet he was.

This past 3-day weekend he wasn't right. A consultation with the vet on call, some Banamine and he seemed ok. With the vet already coming out yesterday for scheduled dentals I chose to not pay for a holiday weekend emergency visit.

We never got the dentals addressed yesterday.  He had a kidney stone that had traveled as far as it could go.  A large stone, the size of a meatball, which had caused extensive internal damage on its journey.  The decision was made...

The truck has arrived.

I've handed the driver the money and thanked him for not needing my assistance because frankly, I'd be worthless out there.

I've dried my eyes from the tears I shed after returning into the house just in time to see the last view of the truck before it vanishes down the road with a large part of my heart in the back of it.

The truck is gone.

It's over.