Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heading Out: Sorting Number Two

Last week I was supposed to go sorting but this is happened:

Drip, drip, drip...

Splatter, splatter, splatter....

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

Flash, flash, flash...

Do not get me wrong - as I read your Posts I know that rain is badly needed across the country and many of you are in a serious drought situation.  I know you have had horribly high temperatures and that you and your animals are uncomfortable.

I feel badly because around here it's been the opposite.  We've had temps in the 50's/60's/low 70's.  Every couple of days we get a touch of 80 degrees.  Usually this time of the year, that green lawn and pasture in the picture directly above is brown.  I've never before seen it green at the end of July.   If I could I'd blow some of this cool, wet weather your way.

This storm hit about an hour before I was to leave for sorting.  And it just wouldn't let up.  Bob was out in the pasture, soaking wet.  As I scanned the horizon for clearing, all I could see were more dark clouds.  So I threw on my sweat pants, which are usually stored away this time of the year and I cancelled.

What a difference a week makes!

My trailer is loaded.  Fly spray, a bucket so Bob can have water, grooming box, extra reins, a spare halter/lead rope and my helmet, which I feel kinda silly wearing when I go sorting.   Last time I went sorting there were two of us wearing helmets.  Me and a ten year old.  Thankfully, nobody made fun of me.

My "rig".  I'm getting more comfortable at driving the dually and 3-horse slant (although I did just run over a curb when I went to get gas). 

Although I'm ok driving my "rig" up here in the country where traffic is light and the roads are wide, there is no way I'm taking this down into the "urban area".  That isn't much of a problem as I make it a point to avoid leaving my higher elevation plateau at all costs.  I tell people I get nose bleeds if I drop below 800 feet for very long.  You should see their faces when I tell them that -  (they believe me)!

Bob and Poco.  I'll let Bob think he has the day off until I'm ready to load up.  I'll be joining my Cowgirl Pals for a night of sorting at a local ranch just down the road from me.  A quick and easy drive (and no curbs)!


  1. Hehe that's funny about the nosebleed comment. People can be so gullible. :)

    I hope you have fun sorting! It looks like you have some gorgeous weather to do it in.

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a helmet. The others are fools for not. I am trying to teach my children by example, "Every ride every time." There are too many horror stories out there to not wear one.